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The UK's No.1 Bestselling Haggis Brand!

Haggis is not just for Burns Night! Haggis is for all culinary occasions… Especially featured as the ‘main event’ in a Big Scottish Fully Cooked Breakfast!  Be sure and gie’ your breakfast, lunch and dinner an extra touch of ‘Wowie’ from Simon Howie!

Add Some 'Wowie' to Your Scottish Fully Cooked Breakfast!

Add Some 'Wowie' to Your Scottish Fully Cooked Breakfast!

Nothing brings the family together more than a fully delicious, fully cooked Scottish breakfast! So up your breakfast game with the UK’s no.1 bestselling Haggis.  Our family-sized 454g Original Haggis truly is the Chieftain o’ your breakfast plate!  

Perfect for slicing, or frying and the best way to add a wee touch of tradition to a mega family breakfast feast! Did you know our 454g Original Haggis is perfect for pan-frying too? Simply remove the haggis from all packaging, including casing and clips. Cut into slices approximately 1cm thick. Heat a little vegetable oil in a frying pan, to medium heat. Fry the haggis slices for approx 6-8 minutes, turning several times, and lower the heat if required during cooking.   

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Celebrating the first Haggis to reach the edge of space!

Celebrating the first Haggis to reach the edge of space!

Did you know, in 2021 we boldly sent our beloved Original Haggis where no other haggis has gone before… To the edges of outer space! It’s fair to say this out-of-this-world space mission was one giant leap for haggis.  Ready to lift off? Watch our flight mission video!

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Simon Howie's Award-Winning Haggis

Simon Howie's Award-Winning Haggis

To quote the Bard himself, our haggis certainly is well “worthy o’ a grace”!  And this is especially true with our newly awarded 2022 2-star Great Taste Award accolade now proudly placed on the pack!

We’ve got your Haggis cravings covered with our wide variety of haggis options, including our Original Haggis, Vegetarian Haggis, Classic Sliced Haggis, famous Wee Haggis and more.  Look out for us in your nearest supermarket store!