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The company has a policy of continuous improvement of our quality performance throughout the business to ensure high standards of product and service provision are achieved. To aid in achieving this consistently, we have procedures & systems in place such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) and a comprehensive & fully documented Quality and Food Safety Management System, which covers & controls all aspects of the operation including product safety & legality. These systems, along with our Quality Manual, are reviewed as a minimum annually and amended as required to ensure that we are always meeting the changing needs of both the business and our customers.

In order to achieve this aim, we invest in structure, equipment and people. We recognise that each employee has a responsibility to ensure that the quality of products or services under their control meet our required standards at all times.

Whilst every possible precaution is taken to maintain the quality we receive from our hand-picked and approved suppliers from raw material intake, throughout the ingredients life, to the finished pack you see on the supermarket shelf, we like to double check by having our products tested on an ongoing basis at an external UKAS accredited laboratory.

All our hard work is validated by our high success rate in audits e.g. ‘Green’ status with Morrisons, various industry awards for pies, bacon & our haggis, plus BRC ‘Grade AA’. To view our certification please click on this link and type ‘Simon Howie Foods’ in the site name search box and hit search.

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Loved it! Just a shame I can’t buy it all year round – Original Haggis

Alastair Nicol

I have tried many different brands of haggis over the years and yours is definitely the best!

John Betteley

5 stars

Just want to let you know that the Vegetarian Haggis Simon Howie makes is absolutely amazing. Hope it’s available again next year. I’m recommending it to anyone that’s interested.

Julie Ann Mason

1 stars

Your vegetarian square sausage is delicious!

Kathleen Mitchell buy

5 stars

Browse our Range of Supermarket Products

Browse our Range of Supermarket Products

We have a fantastic range of product available in supermarkets throughout Scotland and the UK. Browse our full product range on this website and find out the supermarkets that stock our products near you!