Drumroll please… Actually, make that an iconic drum solo by a life-size haggis. We would like to present to you – CHOCOLATE HAGGIS!!!

What may sound weird at first is actually a brand new haggis that finally adds an off-the-shelf pudding to the Burns Night festivities! Hands up who’s ever made Cranachan (honestly had to google how to even spell it) – nope me neither. However, cleared out the local bake sale of gooey chocolate brownies!? Yup, it’s practically a hobby.

Well, this brand new – world-first even – Chocolate Haggis is a chocolate brownie pudding with white choc chips. I can assure you it’s a completely SWEET TREAT with NO MEAT (suitable for vegetarians) and can be cooked up as you would a normal haggis and served with all the same theatre as you expect from a haggis on Burns Night. Delight and surprise your friends and family as you slice open and serve a steaming hot haggis that is actually a delicious gooey brownie pudding!! YUM.

For those of you out there who get really angry about our Vegetarian Haggis ‘NOT BEING A REAL HAGGIS’ I’m going to suggest that Chocolate Haggis probably isn’t for you either (although it is a delicious chocolate pudding so maybe you could forgive it right!?) However, for those of you who love the magic of Christmas, dream of one day finding a golden ticket, or just love all things HAGGIS then this is definitely for you.

As a nation, we’ve been celebrating Burns Night for over 200 years and now there’s a brand new haggis on the block. It is beyond exciting!!

Chocolate Haggis is a limited edition product for Burns Night 2023. It will be available from 3rd Jan in Supermarkets across Scotland. (Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Sainsbury’s are all stocking it) but hurry, it’s only available WHILE STOCKS LAST!!

Chocolate Haggis is best served with ice cream, cream or BOTH!

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