CHOCOLATE HAGGIS. It’s a lot to get your head around. NO, it’s not chocolate-flavoured meat. YES, it’s absolutely delicious.

Chocolate haggis is a dark chocolate and white choc chip brownie pudding sold in the same format as a traditional haggis and designed to be cooked in the same way.

Full cooking instructions can be found on the packaging or here. But basically you boil or oven the chocolate haggis as you would a normal haggis and then slice it open to serve the steaming hot chocolate haggis. The brownie mix is cooked and pasteurised with us so you are just heating it through. Don’t worry, like all good brownie it is designed to be eaten gooey. Just enjoy the magical, madness of it all and dig in.

Chocolate Haggis is very rich, so best served with ice cream or cream.

If like us you get a bit addicted to the stuff and the panic of it being Limited Edition means you stock up and fill your fridge and freezer with it. You can also microwave it in 2 minutes (remove all the packaging first) while this way doesn’t have any of the theatre of Burns Night it does allow you to have a quick fix as required!

Chocolate Haggis may fast become you and your children’s favourite food. (We apologise in advance for the pain of the withdrawal.) So we teamed up with our friends at Mackie’s of Scotland and Walkers Shortbread to come up with a delicious Chocolate Haggis, Shortbread and Caramel ice cream sundae. You’re welcome.

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