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Our sausages are made from top quality meat and great ingredients to create a tasty product which can be enjoyed at any time of the day, from breakfast through to dinner. As a traditional and hugely popular Scottish food, we take pride in producing a quality range of Link and Lorne Sausage products here at Simon Howie Foods.

You're making us

I would just like to let you know your Premium Pork Sausages are sensational. I have never had a pork sausage like it. It is the king of sausages in my opinion.

Kevin Gardner Find a stockist

5 stars

Recently came across your Premium Pork Sausages via local Tesco – first class product and (at last) a sausage that tastes as one should.

Don’t change the recipe or the skin and tell Tesco to stock more of these and your other products. Well done!

Mike Everitt

Bought the 300g Premium Pork Sausages from my local Sainsbury’s the other day to try – just had them with family for our Sunday breakfast.

What a lovely taste, flavour and little if any fat as cooked on the George foreman.

A great product – definitely on my shopping list!

Lisa Barrett Find a stockist

5 stars

The kebabs, sausages and steaks were amazing.

Local Customer