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All our bacon is thickly cut, dry cured by hand and contains no added water - just as it should be.

We cure our bacon using our own special cure and then allow it to mature slowly before slicing, resulting in wonderfully succulent and full flavoured rashers of bacon.

Pork Welfare All the pork that we use  for bacon is from the UK and has full traceability back to farm. All pigs are sourced from farms which have Red Tractor Farm Assurance as a minimum standard, the essence of which is to protect and ensure a healthy environment for livestock through promoting the respective high levels of animal husbandry, nutrition, housing & handling, transport, grassland management and environmental care.
Scotland's Number 1 bacon brand

Scotland's Number 1 bacon brand

The perfect Sunday breakfast would not be complete without our award-winning dry cured bacon. Thickly cut with no added water – available in smoked, unsmoked and sweetcure.  Available in all major supermarkets across Scotland and selected Tesco stores in England.