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Amazing!! The Veggie Breakfast Pack is delicious! Please bring out the vegetarian black pudding in a pack on it’s own as there are loads of ways it could be used in veggie cooking. Great product!

Karen Smith Find a stockist

Wow – you nailed it with your Veggie Breakfast Pack . The black pudding is perfect and the star of your Veggie Breakfast Pack.

Kenny McIntosh Find a stockist

Don’t know how you did it, but this is astoundingly good. Very much hoping that you will do the Veggie Black Pudding on its own at some point. It looks like it, cooks like it, tastes like it. I love it.

Please, please do a Veggie Black Pudding on its own, like the haggis. All your veggie stuff is amazing. I’m recommending to veggie and non-veggie friends alike.

Carole D

Best Veggie Haggis on the market right now in my view. Wonderful taste, texture, and perfect with the neeps and tatties. Simply, well done.

Carole D Find a stockist

Having had your Veggie Breakfast Pack for the first time, I have to congratulate you. It was delicious and the black pudding was the closest I have tasted to the animal product. Well done – I shall be stocking up. Thank you.

S. Nicholson Find a stockist