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While The Scottish Butcher may not be the first place you think of for delicious meat-free alternatives we are proud of our growing vegetarian range. We now boast the UKs best-selling Vegetarian haggis and the first widely available vegetarian square sausage! Now even more people can enjoy these Scottish classics! Now all Vegan Approved by The Vegetarian Society!

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I have just had your veggie square sausage and it’s great! I am not a vegetarian – bought these as I was curious and I was quite impressed. I will buy these again.

Alison Christie Find a stockist

I’ve been vegetarian for the best part of 40 years and I’ve just had this product – it’s amazing I absolutely love it and hope to make stovies with it soon. There are some things you will always miss being a vegetarian, but at least I can now have a decent plate of stovies thanks to your sausages!

They’re firm, the right colour and the flavour is really quite authentic from what I can remember, so thank you for making these square slices. So good I had to check the ingredients to make sure they were really veggie.

Mary Buckley Find a stockist

Loved your veggie breakfast pack! Best one we’ve ever tried! My vegetarian boyfriend loved it and as a meat eater I loved it also!

Anna Docherty Find a stockist

I have been vegetarian for 30 years now and have waited a long, long time for someone to come up with the veggie square sausage and I must say I am not disappointed. Absolutely amazing. So tasty. Thank you so much. Just wish everywhere would do these.

Sharon Shankland Find a stockist

I’ve just discovered your Vegetarian Square Sausage in the supermarket and I wanted to let you know how much I love it…’s delicious!
I’m already a huge fan of your Vegetarian Haggis and this new product is a very welcome addition to your vegetarian range. Keep them coming!

Emma-Jane Gault Find a stockist