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There's No Flasher Rasher...

Both our Smoked and Unsmoked Back Bacon make for a fantastic sandwich. Or with eggs. Or on top of breakfast pancakes. Even in a carbonara …especially in a carbonara actually! In fact, it’s a bit of an all-rounder when it comes to the kitchen.

Thickly cut with absolutely no added water, both variants are cured by hand and matured for at least seven days. Our Smoked Back Bacon is traditionally smoked over beechwood in our Perthshire smokehouse.

Pick up a pack in your nearest supermarket to find out what all the fuss is about!

Simon Howie's Award-Winning Bacon

Simon Howie's Award-Winning Bacon

Add a touch of ‘Wowie!’ to your weekend breakfast with our award-winning, premium, dry cure bacon.

Our smoked and unsmoked bacon variants have both won Great Taste awards in recent years; a stamp of approval in the world of food that recognises that ‘Wowie!’ taste. Try it for yourself… tasting is believing!

Available in major retailers in Scotland, Booths stores in the north of England and selected Tesco stores nationwide.


The Bacon Blog

We LOVE Bacon...

We LOVE Bacon...

Unsmoked, smoked, or sweetcure? Actually… How about all of them?  

Here’s why you LOVE bacon so much…

 “Bacon is just that perfect combo of the sweet, the salty, the smokey and the savoury character. … The smell of bacon can also conjure fond memories from your childhood leading you to take another bacony bite!”

Where can I find it?

packs of bacon

Treat yourself to a pack or two of our deliciously moreish, premium, dry cure bacon. Available in major retailers in Scotland, as well as selected Booths stores in England and Tesco stores nationwide.

Use our Stockist Finder to locate our award-winning bacon in a supermarket near you.