Bacon. We love it! And not just for breakfast. We love to eat it for lunch and dinner too. In fact, we’d say that every meal is immediately improved by adding a delicious slice of your favourite bacon.  So we’re bringing you our 4 top #TuesdayTips for cooking perfectly crispy bacon.  Every time!

1. Let it Rest

Don’t just stick your bacon into cook straight from the fridge. Let your bacon sit at room temperature for fifteen minutes or so before you cook it. It will help the fat render more quickly, so it will be crispy and not burnt.

2.  Give it Room

Regardless of your cooking method, it’s important to give your bacon rashers room to breathe. So make sure not to cram your bacon rashers into the pan or baking tray. Space them out evenly to avoid burning and get the perfect balance of caramelised, crispiness!

3.  Cook Low and Slow

Avoid high heat! Bacon cooks best slowly and over low heat, so turn your burner or oven on low. Soon the bacon will begin to release some of its fat. When it starts to buckle and curl, use tongs to loosen the slices and turn each rasher to cook on the other side.

4. Try TikTok’s Literal Twist on Bacon

If you’ve yet to try this, we highly recommend you give this sensational TikTok food trend a GO! TikTok’s Bacon Twist trend promises the perfect balance between chewy and crispy bacon, and people are raving about it! Why not bring happiness to your entire bacon-loving dinner table and give it a go yourself?  Find out exactly how to make yours!

Do you have a tried and tested top tip for cooking bacon that beats our list?  Why not browse our irresistible Bacon Range to find your perfect Simon Howie slice or one of our bacon-inspired recipes?

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