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Premium Dry Cure Unsmoked Back Bacon 220g

Cured, matured & devoured

Our award-winning Unsmoked Back Bacon is dry cured by hand and matured for seven days minimum, resulting in flavoursome and succulent rashers of bacon.

All our bacon contains no added water, so it won’t shrink or curl in the pan.

Ideal for a tasty B.L.T or Club Sandwich or for the perfect simplicity of bacon and eggs. Also available in Smoked, and Sweetcure variants.

There’s no flasher raSHer.

Pan Fry: Heat a non-stick pan over a medium heat. Remove all packaging, place the bacon in the pan and cook for 3-4 minutes, turning frequently. Lower the heat if required during cooking.

Grill: Preheat grill to full heat. Remove all packaging, place the bacon onto a suitable tray and place under the grill. (Do not place directly under the heat source, allow approx. 10cm space). Grill for approximately 5 minutes, turning several times throughout.

Air Fryer: Place 4 bacon rashers into the compartment. Set the air fryer temperature to 240 degrees for 6 minutes or use max crisp setting. Flip the bacon halfway through cooking time.

As all appliances may vary, these are guidelines only.

Pork (96%), Sea Salt, Yeast Extract, Preservatives (Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Nitrate), Antioxidant (Sodium Ascorbate).

Typical values per 100g (uncooked): Energy 1037kJ/248kcal, Fat 18.8g – of which saturates 8.1g, Carbohydrates 0.4g – of which sugars 0.2g, Protein 19.4g, Salt 1.9g.

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Our first time trying this product and it will now be a regular addition to our shopping basket. Absolutely delicious bacon – a pleasure to watch it cooking too, as a result of it having no added water.

So, so tasty, attractive packaging and a very competitive price.  Can’t wait for more.

Fiona Thurm Find a stockist

5 stars

I haven’t seen your range in the supermarket before, but was impressed by the look of the bacon and the packaging. I chose the premium dry cure unsmoked back bacon. It dry cooked beautifully without any added fat/oil of any kind and did not shrink.  There was just enough fat to crisp and the rashers were thick. Most of all it tasted delicious! I’ll be buying again and heartily recommend it! It tastes like bacon used to taste, without any of the added water. Full marks Simon Howie!

Jenny Rotheram Find a stockist

5 stars

What an absolutely delicious bacon. Both my daughter and I rate it as the best bacon we have had, even beating the Jolly Hog for taste, and the pan so easy to clean as not having to deal with the mess the added water makes to a hot pan.

We would highly recommend it to “Real Bacon” lovers. I will be buying nothing else. I just hope that I can always buy it locally.

Valentine Howell Find a stockist

5 stars

Dry cure unsmoked back bacon was superb. Good idea to leave off a lot of the fat and keep the rashers short – and healthier.  Cheers.

Tim Hardman Find a stockist

5 stars

I have now tried this bacon on several occasions and I love it. My main reason for buying is that it is UK pork. Thank you.

Elizabeth Beck Find a stockist

5 stars

Simon Howie bacon is the best available on any supermarket shelf due to the honesty of having no added water – fry any other bacon and you end up with boiled bacon due to the water released.

Colin Pearson Find a stockist

5 stars