In celebration of Bacon You Crazy month, we thought we’d try out one of Tik Tok’s viral Bacon trends! Abby Durlewanger (aka @houseofketo), the keto food blogger’s passion for bacon is helping others achieve their dreams of heaping plates of crispy cured pork.  And, we’re so on board with that!  In a video about her “twisted bacon” cooking technique, Durlewanger shares the perfect way to cook an entire package of bacon on a single baking sheet!  But, does it really work?  We’re about to find out because this is ‘twisted bacon’ tried and tested…

Step 1

Select your favourite Simon Howie bacon.  For this experiment, we recommend using our Premium Dry Cure Streaky Bacon, available in Tesco supermarkets!  Its higher ‘streaky’ fat content will make it easier to manipulate in comparison to a back bacon slice, (though we LOVE a good old bit of back bacon too!).

bacon packet

Step 2

Now, this promises to be the bacon hack to end ALL bacon hacks, so right off the bat, our expectations are high.  Let’s get going! Remove the rashers from the packet, pinch a piece at both ends and start twisting and twirling!  Durlewanger advises twisting tightly for a crispier finish, or go for loosely twisting if you’re after a chewier bite.

Step 3

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once you’ve got all your rashers in a twist, place them neatly on a lined baking tray. Durlewanger promises that using this technique allows you to fit so much more bacon on the tray (WIN), without any overlap.  Pop them in the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes.

Step 4

If your kitchen isn’t smelling amazing by now, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!  Remove your twisted bacon from the oven and set it aside.  The whole point of this experiment is to try and test whether this technique really creates the optimal, perfectly cooked piece of bacon.  Will it disappoint?  Or will THIS hack make your bacon rasher even flasher?

The Verdict…

Durlewanger claims – “This technique helps to get just the perfect amount of crunch with a slight chewiness to make the perfect bacon.” But, does it really?  Yes. It. Does!  It’s crispy on the outer and deliciously chewy in the middle, with all of those salty/sweet umami flavours bacon brings.  Seriously, this is a technique you need to try for yourself!  It’s quick, easy, and cooks the bacon perfectly!  And, at the end of it, you have this easy to grab delicious bacon snack which can be used as a grab and go fix! We all need our fix, right?

twisted bacon