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Make your moves to a better breakfast

You only get a Wowie with Simon Howie

You only get a Wowie with Simon Howie

Have a weekend Wowie breakfast and make all the light moves! Pyjamas encouraged. Serve up all the favourites: Haggis, Black Pudding, Bacon… and snap, crackle and body POP your way to a better breakfast!

The Breakfast Range!

Bacon News!!

Bacon News!!

Smoked or Unsmoked. Bacon is Bacon, and we all have the right to buy the bacon we love. Thankfully Unsmoked Streaky Bacon has joined the line up meaning whether it’s Back, Streaky or Medallions that is your bacon of choice you can now buy the premium dry cure bacon product you love!

Unsmoked Streaky NOW AVAILABLE!
Bacon News!!

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What is the CORRECT Order of the Fully Cooked Breakfast?

What is the CORRECT Order of the Fully Cooked Breakfast?

So, what is the correct order of breakfast?  What belongs on the fully cooked breakfast plate, and what has got to GO?  After careful consideration, this is how we rate the order of breakfast.  Do you agree?

You're making us

Had to get my breakfast pack. My friends from England thought it was the BEST Black pudding and sausages they ever tasted.

Sorry I’m going to give 10🌟

Breakfast Pack Customer

5 stars

I knew this would be a winner when I saw pizza & breakfast in the same sentence!  Very unique, so satisfying and tasty.  Highly recommend it!

Louisa H

I’m am finding myself having to send this email to you as I have just for the first time tried your breakfast pack as being in the older age bracket breakfast was always from the butcher for the customary weekend fryup so I saw your breakfast pack and thought  I’ll give it a try as on Burns night I had your haggis which was delicious and I have to say the breakfast this weekend was exceptional my husband complimented it and I thought it was far superior to my normal butcher Fryup ingredients so I’ll close by saying thank you very much for the best breakfast I’ve had for a long long time I can’t stop telling my friends who are now converted to Simon  Howie along with myself.  Thank you so much!

Eleanor Wilkie

I am amazed at how good the veggie breakfast pack tastes and how filling this was for two of us. We have been on the lookout for decent meat free items and these are perfect.

Paul Smith Find a stockist

5 stars

Can I just say your wee black pudding is amazing. I have tried all black puddings, then I came across yours and wow, the taste is pure magic! We buy this all the time now. I will not choose any other black pudding.

Ricky Williams Find a stockist

5 stars

Since turning vegetarian about 10 years ago, I have really missed a square sausage in a roll. Many of the non meat sausages and burgers are not to my liking.

However, we  discovered the Veggie Square Sausage during lockdown and it is now a firm favourite enjoyed by the entire family (meat eaters included). Would highly recommended.

Caroline Gilmour Find a stockist

5 stars

Recently came across your Premium Pork Sausages via local Tesco – first class product and (at last) a sausage that tastes as one should.

Don’t change the recipe or the skin and tell Tesco to stock more of these and your other products. Well done!

Mike Everitt

Bacon is amazing!!!! When cooking, fat comes out not white gunk. Tastes great too.

Mervyn Ashford Find a stockist

5 stars

Just bought these for 1st time in Morrisons. Got to say – best I have ever tasted!

Patricia Jenkins Find a stockist

5 stars

Wonderful tasty and delicious sausages with real sausage-like texture and lovely “skin” that browns when cooked. Contains no onion or garlic which is a rare sausage treat for those who cannot eat them.

Victoria Elliott Find a stockist

5 stars

I have just cooked a pack of Simon Howie smoked back bacon and have never been so impressed by the quality and flavour. Exquisite and far superior to any other similar bacon product.

As soon as I opened the packet I could smell the quality which you just don’t get from other varieties. It took me back to the 1970s when food seemed purer somehow. I hope that my local supermarket carries on stocking your product as I sure would miss it now.

Well done to all of you, from the farm to the table. Thank you.

Christopher James Lister Find a stockist

5 stars

Bought the 300g Premium Pork Sausages from my local Sainsbury’s the other day to try – just had them with family for our Sunday breakfast.

What a lovely taste, flavour and little if any fat as cooked on the George foreman.

A great product – definitely on my shopping list!

Lisa Barrett Find a stockist

5 stars

Dry cure unsmoked back bacon was superb. Good idea to leave off a lot of the fat and keep the rashers short – and healthier.  Cheers.

Tim Hardman Find a stockist

5 stars

Love the Vegetarian Breakfast Pack. I would love the black pudding as a stand alone product. It would fly off the shelves. Your chef must be a magician to make black pudding vegetarian!

Carolyn Warnock Find a stockist

5 stars

Just bought this from my local Morrisons in Brecon. So excited to get white pudding and it didn’t disappoint – thank you.

Rebecca Whitehead Find a stockist