After a man uploaded a picture on Twitter containing peas in his fully cooked breakfast it wasn’t long before the online debate was well and truly underway. But where do you stand on this Twitter debate which unfolded earlier this week? Read more to find out how one Twitter user’s morning meal is the talk of the internet!

Breakfast Controversy

A few days ago, one Twitter user by the name of Jordan Mead felt the full wrath of the Twitter community and Echo Readers alike by daring to post a photo of his full English with…you guessed it… peas.

Jordon bravely posted the offending photo with the caption “Name a better start to a Sunday than a full English!”

Peas…On a fully cooked breakfast, you say?  THIS is a step too far.  Or so, some Twitterers believe!  Yorkshire Tea was simply not having it…

The Twitterverse was clearly aflame with outrage. The reaction. Swift and fierce, with over 1900 comments attempting to resume order over the fully cooked breakfast. Echo Readers flat out said “No!” One Twitter user cried out in all caps “SWEET PEA-SUS! Correct this breakfast immediately!”

Let’s read the room…


The Audacity of These Peas

The Twitterati, who had until now been enjoying the familiar comfort of their breakfast eggs and bacon (and of course Black Pudding, Haggis and Lorne), were shocked by the appearance of these green interlopers!

And when a minority of comments defended these unlikely inhabitants showing up on this particular Full English plate, they were met with a barrage of, what is nothing short of total pea tyranny. I mean, in the age of inclusivity, can’t we all just get along? We’re only just (semi) at ease with baked beans!

One Twitter user puts forth his case…


“I don’t care what anybody says, I’m not eating them,” said one user. “They’re not part of my culture.”

“This is an abomination,” wrote another. “We’ve lost our way!”

In conclusion, Twitter has demonstrated very clearly that peas are the new avocado. The online outrage surrounding this fairly innocuous event might seem a bit ridiculous, but it does make for some great conversation and provides that vital element of distraction for people when there is nothing else to talk about.

What do we think?  Jordan Mead, we salute you!  Baked beans, tinned tomatoes, fried mushrooms, or PEAS, we welcome it.  Even if it’s controversial!  All that really matters is that you’re enjoying your brekkie!

May the breakfast debate long continue. And for that, we are truly grateful!