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New Look Pack!

New Look Pack!

New Pack! Same great Sausage!

Look out for our new look packs in a supermarket near you! Our Premium Sausages are now available in more stores than ever before so why not give them a try! they really are Bangers worth banging on about.

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Love these jumbos and am so glad to see them back in supermarkets!  Perfect for an easy prep totally tasty meal even the kids will love!

Carol N

I would just like to let you know your Premium Pork Sausages are sensational. I have never had a pork sausage like it. It is the king of sausages in my opinion.

Kevin Gardner Find a stockist

5 stars

Recently came across your Premium Pork Sausages via local Tesco – first class product and (at last) a sausage that tastes as one should.

Don’t change the recipe or the skin and tell Tesco to stock more of these and your other products. Well done!

Mike Everitt

Just bought these for 1st time in Morrisons. Got to say – best I have ever tasted!

Patricia Jenkins Find a stockist

5 stars

I have struggled to find a decent pork sausage until I tried the pork links from Simon Howie. They cook so well and taste amazing!

Louise McLean Find a stockist

5 stars