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Taco Walk on the Wild Side With Wee Black Pudding Pancakes

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I’m writing to tell you how much I enjoy your wee white pudding. I’ve always enjoyed the taste but I can honestly say yours is the best ever, I’m obsessed with it!

Julia Berry White Pudding

We have tried your Wee Black Pudding – WOW. We are a family of 6. 50/50 on black pudding but yours was like a trip back to Scotland, we can’t wait to go back this year.

My children absolutely love it! I will say hand on heart it’s THE best black pudding we’ve ever tried! Love white pudding and fruit pudding but never found a black pudding that was quite as nice. Big thumbs up from the Ibrahim family.

Lindsey Ibrahim Find a Stockist

5 stars

Just to say this is the best black pudding I’ve ever tasted. Always on my Tesco shopping list – Wee Black Pudding

Mike Whiteoak View Products

Today I saw and purchased a Wee Black Pudding. This is the tastiest pudding that I have tasted for years -the flavour and consistency is superb. I am looking forward to trying more of your products. Thanks for really tasty foods!

Alan Marshall Find a Stockist

5 stars

I’ve just tried the Wee Black Pudding and it was absolutely delish – the nicest black pudding I’ve had for ages. As a Mancunian I usually choose the bury variety but am definitely a convert and looking forward to trying the rest of your products.

Audrey Barker Find a stockist

5 stars

Whilst visiting the UK after 3 years away I was longing for some black pudding. I saw your Wee Black Pudding in Morrisons and decided to give it a try. Packed away in my suitcase it was taken back home to Portugal.

We have various types of blood pudding here and I have tried many. I must say yours is a fantastic product, very light texture beautifully spiced with slight sweetness.

Craig Thomas Find a stockist

5 stars

Had a ‘wee black pudding’ with my breakfast – have to say the finest black pudding I’ve ever tasted. The dog’s fuming, he never got any.

Thanks, from Huddersfield.

David Buck Find a stockist

5 stars

Well I have lots of different black puds, but now I won’t buy any other. Yours is the best black pud I’ve ever had – the taste is just out of this world and goes so well with fried toms, eggs & makes a weekend breakfast the best.

Diane Pickering Find a stockist

5 stars

Morning – I have just tried your Wee Black Pudding for the first time. 10/10. It held its moisture and soft texture and gentle spices melt in the mouth.

Esmor Jones Find a Stockist

5 stars

I was given one of your Wee Black Puddings by a friend. It was absolutely delicious. Probably the best black pudding I’ve ever had. Great stuff.

Janet Ord Find a Stockist

5 stars

Your black pudding and apple sausages were fabulous. Not overly spiced but lovely texture and the taste was a lovely mixture of fruity sweet apple, pork and light on the black pudding but gave it gluten free texture. If you like flavour packed but good texture these are unbeatable.

Lizzy Justice

I’m am finding myself having to send this email to you as I have just for the first time tried your breakfast pack as being in the older age bracket breakfast was always from the butcher for the customary weekend fryup so I saw your breakfast pack and thought  I’ll give it a try as on Burns night I had your haggis which was delicious and I have to say the breakfast this weekend was exceptional my husband complimented it and I thought it was far superior to my normal butcher Fryup ingredients so I’ll close by saying thank you very much for the best breakfast I’ve had for a long long time I can’t stop telling my friends who are now converted to Simon  Howie along with myself.  Thank you so much!

Eleanor Wilkie

Just had two Simon Howie haggis. Amazingly good! Masses of flavour and good and peppery.

We are not Scottish but enjoy celebrating Burns’ night each January. Usually we get McSween’s but I was in Tesco and bought Simon Howie’s.  Shall try to find Howie’s in the future!

Jenny Matthews Find a stockist

5 stars

We have had various haggis over the years but NEVER like the one I bought from Asda at the weekend. It is the BEST haggis we have ever had without a doubt and I genuinely hope we can get hold of it next year. It was absolutely fantastic, thanks.

Nick Carter Find a stockist

5 stars