What’s new, what’s where and when.

Let’s start with BBQ Season.

In my mind, Summer in Scotland is ‘July’. Not sure why as I’m pretty sure April always tends to be better weather but thankfully Supermarket ranging isn’t up to me and our BBQ Range starts landing in stores from the end of March, right through April and into May.

Every year we survive the long dark months feels all the more impressive and what better way to celebrate than with a BBQ!!

The usual suspects make a return; Bourbon Jumbo Dogs and Bourbon Burgers, Devil Dogs, Steak and Chorizo Style etc etc…

But noteworthy for this year:

Black Label Aberdeen Angus Gastro Burgers. After launching last year exclusively in Tesco and then winning Meat Product of the Year at The Scotland Food and Drink Awards 2023 they are back and this time you’ll be able to pick them up from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda!!

Tesco: 25th March
Sainsbury’s: 3rd April
Asda: 8th April

New Jumbo flavours!

Our 4 packs of jumbo dogs fly off the shelf each year with many declaring that they ‘Can’t have a BBQ without them!’ Well, we are very excited to announce that 2 new flavours are joining the line-up!

Spicy Nduja Style Pork Jumbo Dogs: Sainsbury’s (3rd April), Asda (8th April), Morrisons (15th April).


Smoky Jalapeno Pork Jumbo Dogs: Asda (8th April)

Full BBQ Range for 2024 is as follows:

Premium Steak Burgers 2pk/ 4pk: Tesco & Morrisons
Black Label AA Gastro Burgers: Tesco, Sainsbury’s & Asda
Bourbon Jumbo Dogs: Tesco & Asda
Bourbon Burgers: Asda
Chorizo Style Jumbo Dogs: Asda
Steak & Chorizo Style Burgers: Sainsbury’s
Pork Jumbo Dogs: Sainsbury’s, Asda & Morrisons
Devil Dogs: Asda & Tesco
Steak & Haggis Burgers: Tesco
Spicy Nduja Style Jumbo Dogs: Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons
Smoky Jalapeno Jumbo Dogs: Asda


Black Pud… it’s SO good

Great news for all the black pudding fans out there! Our Classic Breakfast Black Pudding will be available from Asda stores nationwide from 8th April. This is in addition to already being available from stores up and down the county in Tesco and Morrisons. So really, there is no longer any excuse for missing black pudding off your plate next time you sit down to enjoy a proper cooked breakfast!

More good news…

GLUTEN FREE BLACK PUDDING!!! You have been asking for as long as I can remember and finally, we can deliver! Our brand-new Reduced Fat Gluten Free Black Pudding is available from Asda from the 8th April. Developed thanks to Food and Drink Federation funding and using premium dry cure bacon to reduce the fat content by over 30% this new black pudding offers a healthier, gluten-free option but still with all the taste!

Beef with Bacon

If you know us you know we love bacon! Our award-winning range keeps growing in products and popularity and this year we are delighted to bring innovative beef bacon into the line up! Beef bacon is cured and matured just like our normal bacon but offers a new option to elevate your lunchtimes. Think a delicious mash-up of a steak sandwich and a BLT! YUM!

Unsmoked Beef Bacon Medallions launch in Asda on the 8th April.