You’ve booked your festive Christmas order delivery, made your list, and hopefully checked it twice, but don’t forget to add those naughty and nice Christmas trimmings to your shopping cart to make it a truly Wowie Christmas! From the best bon bons at the party to the stuffing for your Christmas turkey, keep reading to find out what and where you can get all the trimmings to make this Christmas the best one ever!

Where to get the Wowie best Christmas trimmings!

This year, you can find our festive range in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons stores across Scotland- Elf-tastic! 

Here’s where and when you can pick up our festive range this season:

ASDA – From the 23/11/23

Morrisons – Instore from the 27/11/23

Sainsbury’s – Instore from the 08/12/23

Tesco – Instore from 06/12/23

festive pigs in blanketsbon bons

This year, you can pick up all of the usual Simon Howie festive favourites including:

Nom nom bon bons

I like to think of our bon bon range as the ultimate party food, a tiny bitesize piece of our most loved products, and SO much more unique and tastier than the average party snack. The best bit?! Our bon bons come in no less than five different flavours, meaning there’s sure to be something to please even the fussiest of your guests this Christmas!

Haggis bon bons

Let’s start with the true classic – the haggis bon bon. Our delicious balls of Scottish tradition are available from Tesco all year round, and you can get them from various major supermarkets in the run-up to Christmas – Hooray! You can grab our traditional haggis bon bons and pick up a pack of our curried haggis bon bons as an alternative, perfect for those who love a bit of spice in their lives!

Black pudding bon bons

Grab yourself a taste of the UK’s fastest-growing black pudding, made even better, if that’s possible, by being covered in a delicious coat of breadcrumbs – nom! Black pudding bon bons for the win!

Smoky bacon and pork bon bons

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t love a bit of bacon? Our little balls of bacon-y heaven contain pork sausage mixed with our dry-cured smoked bacon and coated in golden breadcrumbs. Make sure you give our smoky bacon and pork bon bons a try this Christmas. 

Veggie Haggis bon bons

Veggie or not, everyone deserves some bon-bon joy in their lives. Our veggie haggis bon bons are vegan-approved and pack a tasty punch for everyone this Christmas!

More than your average pigs in blankets

Our black-label pigs in blankets made of 97% pork and wrapped in our dry-cured bacon will surely be a hit with everyone at the table this Christmas. Don’t settle for substandard piggies; insist on the Wowie best!

Steak Chipolatas

Our steak and black pepper chipolatas make the perfect partner in crime for our pigs in blankets. Premium beef blended with cracked black pepper – get these Christmas crackers while you can!

Stuffing balls

Choose between our delicious Pork, Black Pudding and Apple Stuffing Balls or pork, sage and onion stuffing balls. Get them quick before they disappear with the Christmas baubles!

Pork sausage meat

Use it to stuff the turkey or as an ingredient in your festive cooking adventures. Our tasty pork sausage meat comes with all the flavour and none for the faff that comes with skinning sausages yourself!

Your bacon me crazy!

What is Christmas without bacon? Whether for the mandatory bacon roll on Christmas morning or to cover your turkey to lock in the flavour, our smoked and unsmoked back and streaky bacon range is available in Scotland and England all year round. Make sure you pick up a pack or three with your Christmas shop!

Don’t forget that in addition to our festive range, our full supermarket product range is still available in many Supermarkets across Scotland and beyond, at Christmas and all year round! A Wowie is for life, not just for Christmas!