Many people think of the turkey as the star of the Christmas dinner show, and of course, it is a leading part, but we also believe this star bird is nothing without its supporting act! The Christmas trimmings you choose with the best meal of the year will separate your festive meal from just another Sunday roast! So, we wanted to take a few minutes to cover our top must-have trimmings  that are now available to order on our Christmas microsite for local delivery or festive click and collect from our Perth and Auchterarder stores that every Christmas dinner should come with to make it the best meal of the year!

1. Pigs in blankets

Now, who doesn’t love pigs in blankets?! In our house, it’s not Christmas unless these little bites of joy are available at Christmas dinner and almost every other social gathering in the run-up to Christmas and Hogmanay! Ours are available to order via our Christmas microsite now, so fill your basket and ensure you have plenty of little piggies to feed everyone!

2. Haggis Bon Bons

Haggis bon bons are a must at Christmas dinner and for nibbles throughout the holiday season! I always think of Haggis bon bons as a great introduction to haggis for guests who have never tried it before, as it’s a manageable mouthful that can be dipped in sauce and adds a perfect Scottish twist to your holiday celebrations!

3. Black pudding bon bons

If you are grabbing some haggis bon bons don’t be stopping there! Grab some black pudding ones too, as a tasty alternative and a moreish nibble! I always think a slice of traditional black pudding compliments a roast dinner perfectly, but these delicious little bites covered in breadcrumbs take the enjoyment to the next level!

4. Turkey gravy

I don’t know if I could enjoy my turkey dinner half as much without proper turkey gravy. Gobble up a bag of our restaurant-quality version by True foods when placing your Christmas order to ensure your festive bird doesn’t get drowned in the mediocrity of substandard gravy!


Add this Christmas cracker of a stuffing ball to your guests’ plates this Christmas to have everyone shouting Wowie! Adding the black pudding to this classic stuffing combo is essential for any festive dinner table!

6. White pudding

We move on with white pudding from stuffing balls to the Christmas bird. White pudding makes a great stuffing, whether it’s a tender turkey or a crispy Capon. It can also be used as a fruity alternative to its well-known cousin the black pudding.

7. Roast potatoes (In goose fat)

Perfect roast tatties can make or break a Christmas meal. Make sure yours are the talk of the town and leave Aunt Bessie to make other plans (the potatoes, not your mum’s sister) with our perfect roast potato recipe, which uses our goose fat to make the most golden and crispy potatoes that your family will be talking about for weeks. 

8. Brussels sprouts (with bacon)

One of the most loved and loathed food on the Christmas dinner table has to be the humble Brussels sprout. With opinions divided, we have a recipe that could sway you to join Team Brussels Sprout this year. Try our balsamic vinegar, bacon and pomegranate sprouts recipe to jazz up this controversial Christmas veg! Don’t forget to add the streaky bacon to your Christmas order to whip some up!

Save time and money with our trimmings packs!

When placing your Simon Howie Christmas order, don’t forget you can add our set trimming packs to your order or select a roast including all the trimmings, saving you both time and money this Christmas. Add the very best trimmings to your festive orders this Christmas, and check out before December 15th to have yourself the best Christmas dinner yet!