We often get asked why some of our products aren’t available in parts of the country.

The short answer to that is that we don’t make the final decisions unfortunately! We would love for all our products to be available everywhere (thinking big), but supermarket buyers make the final decision on what sits on shelf.

However, when supermarket ranges change, this can be an exciting time for the Simon Howie team, as it often means we have good news to share.

While the September range change means waving farewell to our BBQ range until next year (sniff), we have confirmed the following new supermarket listings!

September Supermarket Listings

New!Chicken Balmoral 395g

The classic Scottish favourite of chicken stuffed with haggis, wrapped in our award-winning bacon. Available in Tesco stores (Scotland) from September 23, 2019.

New!Beef Lorne Block 675g

Our tasty Lorne recipe but in a bigger pack, so you have plenty Lorne in reserve for when the family is round! Or plenty to keep for yourself and freeze for later… your call. Available in Morrisons stores (Scotland) from September 25, 2019.

Growing Our Veggie Range

Our much-loved Vegetarian Square Sausage will now be available in Asda from November 2, 2019. Tesco, meanwhile, have added this to shelves in even more stores, so it should become much easier to find.

Last but not least, we are very excited to announce two new permanent additions to our Vegetarian Range!

New! Veggie Links 300g

A tasty, herby vegetarian sausage made from soya protein, perfect for a breakfast roll and sausage! Vegan Approved and available in Morrisons stores (Scotland) from September 25, 2019, and in Asda stores (Scotland) from November 2, 2019.

New!Veggie Breakfast Pack 330g

Lots of you loved our Veggie Breakfast Packs when they were available for only a short time, so we are delighted that these are now a permanent fixture! Our pack has all you need for the perfect vegetarian/vegan cooked breakfast. Vegetarian Square Sausage, Vegetarian Links, and brand new to the club (drum roll)… Veggie Black Pudding! You asked, we listened!

Available in Tesco (Scotland) stores from September 23, 2019, Morrisons (Scotland) stores from September 25, 2019 and in Asda stores (Scotland) from November 2, 2019.

If you get your hands on any, be sure to get in touch and let us know what you thought! Leave a review on our website, or tag us in your photos on social media using the hashtag #SimonHowie – we love to see what you’ve been cooking up!