You’ve heard of B.Y.O.B… but at our Perth & Auchterarder shops, you’re welcome to B.Y.O.T!

Waste reduction

We know how important it is to be aware of the waste we produce as a company and as consumers, and to take action where we can. In terms of our supermarket products, we’re taking steps to make the packaging we use more widely recyclable. Technology is developing all the time, improving the recyclability of materials such as black plastics, but we have started to roll out a switch to clear plastic trays to do what we can in the meantime.

Reduce and reuse

Plastic and other forms of packaging have transformed the way companies like us are able to deliver food products across the country and still keep them fresh and delicious for customers. However, we know this isn’t always necessary when you’re just popping down the road to our local shops.

So, next time you pay a visit to either of our shops, you are more than welcome to bring along your own reusable containers to take your chosen products home with you. This will help you cut down on any unnecessary packaging in the first place so you then don’t have to recycle or dispose of it. Don’t forget your re-usable bag, too!

Just ask our friendly staff and they’ll be happy to assist. Be sure to ask them when you should use your Simon Howie goodies up by, although we’re sure they won’t be hanging about in your fridge for long!