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While ‘The Scottish Butcher’ may not be the first place you think of for delicious meat-free alternatives, we are proud of our growing vegetarian range enjoyed by veggies, vegans, and meat-eaters alike!

All our vegetarian products are proudly Vegan Approved by The Vegetarian Society and available in an ever-increasing number of stores across Scotland.

The ideal addition to any plant-based breakfast, lunch, or dinner creation!

Your Breakfast Favourites Are Still On the Menu!

Up your veggie breakfast game with our recipe for Veggie Black Pudding & Tofu Scramble. We guarantee it’ll be a veggie good start to the morning!

A Veggie Good Black Pud

A Veggie Good Black Pud

Our Veggie Black Pudding is a guaranteed winner at breakfast time and it’s also a veg-tastic addition to your favourite recipes no matter what time of day. Black pudding isn’t just for breakfast!

Find it on shelves in Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores across Scotland using our stockist finder and on The Vegan Kind Online Supermarket for nationwide delivery. Tasting is believing!

*No witchcraft was used in the making of this product – we promise!

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Add a slice of veggie happiness to your morning.

Add a slice of veggie happiness to your morning.

A veggie-happy start to any day.

Square up your veggie breakfast with our vegan approved square sausage. Packed with all the taste of traditional Scottish Lorne without any of the meat!

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It tastes exactly the same as the meat option, without the suffering of any cute little animals!

My father and brother (both meat eaters) could also not differentiate from the other, my brother in-fact, preferring this one, “as there are no grisly or chewy bits”.

Fantastic on a nice morning roll with ‘broon or rid sauce’. Great job!

Happy Veggie Customer Find a stockist

5 stars

I have been a ‘Veggie’ for seven years now. I missed two things from my previous diet of meat-eating, which consisted of this – black pudding, and double bacon cheeseburgers from BK.

I am now thoroughly satisfied that both cravings have been satisfied. There is, in my rather experienced food tasting palate, not much – if any – difference in texture, nor taste between this pudding, and the original. It is fantastic, and I am feeling rather blessed that this magnificent company have supplied me with one of my favourite tasty treats: that satisfy my ethical dietary needs.

Happy Veggie Customer Find a stockist

5 stars

Wish I could give you more than 5 stars for your Vegetarian Haggis! My husband is of Scots descent and doesn’t like haggis (😱) but – as we went meat-free 18 months ago – I thought we should try the veggie version when I saw it in Sainsbury’s. FABULOUS!! We both loved it and will DEF buy it again. Hoping to find your veggie square sausage and black pudding now too!!

Keep up the brilliant work.

Karen Leister – Veggie Haggis

5 stars

It was a special moment when I spotted your vegan white pudding in Tesco.  I bought the whole tray and I wasn’t disappointed!  Absolutely fantastic texture and flavour, and this is the best new vegan product launched this year imho 🙂  I’m on my last pack now and can’t get anymore in the Tescos close to me Peebles Dalkeith and Galashiels.  Are you carrying on with this product?  My life will be a little sadder if you’re not, so fingers crossed!

Maureen Coyle Find a stockist

5 stars

So excited to hear about Veggie White Pudding and had them this evening for the first time and we loved them….what a brilliant addition to the range!

James Vallance Find a Stockist

5 stars

Once upon a time when I was a meat eater, I absolutely loved your products especially your black pudding and haggis, I knew becoming vegan I would miss the taste……. and then BANG!!! You have only gone and released the absolute best vegan sausage, black pudding an square sausage! Thank you to your amazing development team, what a treat!

Sally Koob Supermarket Review Find a Stockist

I found the veggie breakfast pack whilst on an adventure in Scotland. Amazing! Delicious! This pack makes me so happy.  I started to follow a plant based diet in January 2020 and Simon Howie original black pudding was the one meat product that I just couldn’t do without.  Having found this pack I now have a veggie alternative and I’m over the moon! The taste, texture and flavourings are so similar to their meaty counterparts you would struggle to tell the difference.  Spot on, a win, this veggie breakfast pack is a game changer.  Simon Howie, bravo! Truly a masterpiece! Thanks on behalf of veggies, vegans and plant based peoples everywhere, you’ve truly cracked this one and I’m off to spread the word!!!

Nicole Clement Shop Now

5 stars

Your range of vegan approved products are amazing. Tasty, easy to cook, makes a fry up dinner possible again after I adopted a plant based lifestyle. Thanks from a happy customer.

Robert Helton Find a Stockist

The Veggie Breakfast Pack is wonderful. So delicious. The Veggie Black pudding was my favourite & could eat it all day everyday.

Congratulations on creating something so tasty for us vegetarians – even my carnivore husband liked the taste!

Tracey Buchan Find a Stockist

5 stars

The best vegan breakfast pack I’ve tasted. So many things I’ve had in the past try to replicate meat and the texture is strangely similar and the taste awful, but this was all good. The black pudding was delicious as were the sausages and sliced sausage.

Carron Hislop Find a Stockist

5 stars

After being vegetarian for 4 years, I longed for a full Scottish breakfast. The veggie breakfast pack has changed my life!!! It is by far the best I have tasted. Please please please never stop making this!

Rachel Page Find a Stockist

5 stars

We had this in January from Tesco and rated it very highly. I bought another and froze it and we cooked it last week as a Sunday ‘roast’ with a big selection of vegetables, served with vegan gravy and vegan peppercorn sauce. I would buy regularly if it were available in a big supermarket and serve it to anyone, vegan, veggie or omnivore. Well done, you have got this product just right.

Moira Johnston Find a stockist

5 stars

Absolutely love the vegetarian haggis. I’m not a vegetarian but this was really, really good. Would thoroughly recommend it.

Ryan Lockwood Find a stockist

5 stars

Lockdown has meant we have sought to broaden our taste range which is not always easy as one of us is a pescatarian. Burns’ celebration has given us the opportunity to sample your product and we have now had a second sampling as we enjoyed the first one so much. The flavourings have done much to revitalise our flagging tastebuds and we can now look forward to renewing our acquaintance with this excellent product in January (and early Feb) each year.

John Bell Find a stockist

5 stars

The veggie/vegan pack is absolutely delicious. My hubby who is not vegan could not believe how good this was, especially the black pudding.

Fiona Small Find a stockist

5 stars

I bought the Vegetarian Haggis in Littlehampton (Tesco) and it is so amazing I’ll definitely buy it frequently from now on! Easy to cook and the taste is just incredible, really tasteful, even though there are so many ingredients it all blends perfectly. Excellent!

Judith Find a stockist

5 stars

Love it! Always bought your meat haggis but thought becoming a veggie meant the end of our Burns night tea. Saw this and yippee! Husband had the meat one and me the veggie – really tasty and would definitely recommend, plus the added bonus is it’s approved by the Vegan society.

Lusia Suszek Find a stockist

5 stars

Vegetarian haggis – absolutely delicious. I am a meat eater but my husband isn’t. For me it’s one of the only products where I really couldn’t tell it wasn’t meat and it was such a lovely meal as we could both enjoy it. I made it with carrot, turnip, potatoes and a whiskey sauce. 100% recommend.

Michelle Spencer Find a stockist

5 stars

This year we have been cutting out meat in order to do our bit for the environment. So Simon Howie Veggie Haggis it had to be and what a pleasant surprise. Tasty and every bit a haggis, actually we say we prefer it and will be trying more of your range. Thanks for making high quality veggie food.

Andrew Fellows Find a stockist

5 stars

We’ve just had your veggie breakfast pack and we’re really impressed with the quality taste and texture of all 3 of them! We’ve had your haggis before which was delicious and we’re so glad to find this pack from the vegan kind supermarket! Fantastic food.

Rob Burns Find a stockist

5 stars

My husband thought it was an excellent black pudding and was shocked when I told him it was the veggie variety. Great textures and flavours exactly like an animal based black pudding should taste. Will be buying this again.

Happy Customer Find a stockist

4 stars

We are a family of four from London and just wanted to say we absolutely love your vegetarian haggis – it’s really enjoyed by the whole family. Thank you so much for a great product.

Kevin Morrison Find a stockist

5 stars

Your vegan black pudding is my absolute favourite food. Breakfast isn’t complete without it to me. Top tier!

Meryn Finlay Find a stockist

5 stars

Have tried the veggie black pudding and veggie square sausage and I am hooked! They are absolutely delicious and I prefer the square sausage to the meat version. Deliciously flavoured and goes so well on a roll. The black pudding fries up beautifully and has a great texture and tastes nice.

Happy Customer Find a stockist

4 stars

The Simon Howie veggie breakfast pack is now a part of my regular shopping list, amazing I can now have a completely vegetarian cooked breakfast without the guilt and grizzle. Thanks so much for making these – who says veggies miss out?! Love the black pudding especially, considering they are imitations you’ve got them down to perfection – thank you!

Nina Jarman Find a stockist

5 stars

I would just love like you to know how much we love your veggie breakfast pack especially the square sausages. My husband and I turned pescatarian 10 months ago and your pack is amazing. I have dished them out among family and friends eat meat and they love them as well. So many thanks.

Ena McCaig

I absolutely love your veggie range.  The breakfast pack is fantastic, so tasty and enjoyable.  My 3 and 5 year olds love it too and we often share a pack for our weekend breakfast treat.  Great to see the products being sold separately as well.  Thank you for producing such a nice veggie range of products.

Alana Furst Find a stockist

5 stars

Your veggie haggis is already one of my favourites and thought I would try the veggie breakfast pack. It did not fail to impress. The texture, look, flavour excellent… and guilt free!

Jeanette Malone Find a stockist

5 stars

They are amazing!! They have the texture of a meat sausage and the most wonderful flavour. I’ve tried many vegetarian sausages and without hesitation I’d say they are truly the best! They are also onion and garlic free which is wonderful for allergy sufferers of these ingredients. How they manage to get such an amazing flavour without the use of these must be the envy of every vegetarian product maker in the UK. Well done Simon Howie!!

Victoria Elliot

Your veggie black pudding and veggie square sausage are absolutely amazing! I’m so thankful you’ve brought these products out. Now we can have a Scottish breakfast…. even when we’re vegetarian!

Emma Macrae Find a stockist

5 stars

Vegetarian Black Pudding… this is fab. I became vegetarian a few years ago due to digestive issues. I didn’t realise how much I missed black pudding until I tried this!

Susan Haddow Find a stockist

5 stars

I wasn’t sure about these as veggie sausages can be a hit or a miss. However these are amazing – even my meat eating husband likes them (high praise indeed!).   I think they are the best around. Well done Simon Howie.

Sam Coulter Find a stockist

5 stars

Fantastic product, whole family loved it (although not all vegetarians) and will be buying regularly. Highly recommended!

Derek A. Find a stockist

5 stars

Love the Vegetarian Breakfast Pack. I would love the black pudding as a stand alone product. It would fly off the shelves. Your chef must be a magician to make black pudding vegetarian!

Carolyn Warnock Find a stockist

5 stars

Veggie Breakfast Pack & Veggie Square Sausage pack. Really impressed with the quality and taste of these items and brilliant to still feel like I’m having a breakfast ‘treat’ – thank you.

J Nicol Find a stockist

The Vegetarian Haggis is absolutely delicious. So tasty. Have never tried Vegetarian Haggis before but will definitely have again.  Added bonus – it’s also Vegan!!

Lynne Pearson Find a stockist

5 stars

Vegetarian Square Sausage – Fantastic. Can’t believe it’s not meat!

Lynne Pearson Find a stockist

5 stars

Just had the Vegetarian Breakfast Pack (not a vegetarian but allergic to pork) and I’m really happy to say I loved it. Veggie black pudding is my dream come true – it’s amazing.

Marynn Find a stockist

5 stars

Just had the Veggie Breakfast Pack and all I can say is wow, wow, wow, absolutely amazing. The Lorne sausages were fab, the links were to die for, but OMG those black puddings.

Please hurry up and bring them out in black pudding packs.

Derek Doyle Find a stockist

5 stars

I’m not vegetarian, my daughter is, but I love your Vegetarian Lorne sausage. It’s amazing and the black pudding in the breakfast pack is so good. I would echo another review on here and say please consider the black pudding being a stand alone product I’m sure it would be a top seller. Keep up the great work.

Linda Hutton Find a stockist

5 stars

Whenever I get the vegan Lorne sausage, I’m filled with excitement for my breakfast. Amazing on a roll with some ketchup.

Had my meat eating brother fooled into thinking it was the real thing!

Mhairi Laing Find a stockist

5 stars

Amazing! Stopped by a stranger at the vegan range in Food Warehouse, Port Glasgow, I was told all about your vegan square slice, on a roll with a potato scone. I actually joked- was he on commission?! He was so convincing I went straight to Tesco for some.

He’s not wrong – superb weekend treat. My veggie friend and our meat eating partners love them too!

Pracatan Find a stockist

5 stars

OMG your Veggie Breakfast Packs are the best veggie stuff I have had in a very long time. Keep it up, thanks.

Kay Polese Find a stockist

5 stars

Just had the Vegetarian Breakfast Pack for Sunday breakfast – delicious. Good texture, flavour and mouth-feel. We’ll be having this again, as part of our efforts to eat less meat.

As another reviewer said, please consider also providing the black pudding in separate packs, as that was the star!

Richard McLeod Find a stockist

5 stars

Since turning vegetarian earlier this year, one of the things I have missed is the cooked breakfast. I found this pack and it’s hit the nail right on the head. The first bite of the Lorne sausage I had to check I had picked up the right thing.

Taste and texture are spot on. All tastes so good. As a former meat eater, now I can have a tasty treat again.

Lee Hunter-McKenna Find a stockist

5 stars

Veggie black pudding – please make this available as a block to be cut to size. It is amazing.

Marion Logan Find a stockist

5 stars

Amazing!! The Veggie Breakfast Pack is delicious! Please bring out the vegetarian black pudding in a pack on its own as there are loads of ways it could be used in veggie cooking. Great product!

Karen Smith Find a stockist

5 stars

Wow – you nailed it with your Veggie Breakfast Pack . The black pudding is perfect and the star of your Veggie Breakfast Pack.

Kenny McIntosh Find a stockist

5 stars

Don’t know how you did it, but this is astoundingly good. Very much hoping that you will do the Veggie Black Pudding on its own at some point. It looks like it, cooks like it, tastes like it. I love it.

Please, please do a Veggie Black Pudding on its own, like the haggis. All your veggie stuff is amazing. I’m recommending to veggie and non-veggie friends alike.

Carole D

5 stars

Best Veggie Haggis on the market right now in my view. Wonderful taste, texture, and perfect with the neeps and tatties. Simply, well done.

Carole D Find a stockist

5 stars

Having had your Veggie Breakfast Pack for the first time, I have to congratulate you. It was delicious and the black pudding was the closest I have tasted to the animal product. Well done – I shall be stocking up. Thank you.

S. Nicholson Find a stockist

5 stars

Had the Vegetarian Breakfast Pack between my son and myself and have to say OH MY GOOD GOD!!!! The black pudding is AMAZING!!!

Pam Tait Find a stockist

5 stars

Just had the Veggie Square Sausage for the first time. Absolutely loved it, looking forward to trying the breakfast pack now! Often it’s the texture of these products that’s not good but taste and texture were great – really tasty.

Lynn Find a stockist

5 stars

I bought the Vegetarian Square Sausage from Tesco yesterday and we had it for breakfast today. All I can say is WOW, it is sooooo tasty. I have been vegetarian for so many years that I have lost count, it is absolutely delicious.

My hubby is a meat eater and thoroughly enjoyed it too. You have really done an amazing job with this line. A huge thanks from me. I will be buying this one regularly and telling everyone how great it is. Well done to all!!

Sue Forbes Find a stockist

5 stars

The excitement this morning when I discovered your veggie breakfast pack in the supermarket!! As a family we have all been vegetarian for 25+ years and have been enjoying your veggie square sausage for the past year and now the links and black pudding… amazing flavours!

James Vallance Find a stockist

5 stars

Just had these for breakfast and are superb. They aren’t dry like other meat free products and are super tasty… well done Simon Howie, you’ve totally nailed the meat free breakfast option.

Mr McD Find a stockist

5 stars

OMG. First time I’ve had a roll and square sausage in years. Been hearing about your veggie option for a while but eventually managed to track it down.

Absolutely spot on. I’m used to being disappointed with the hype but not this time. And you can freeze it, so win win. Now if I can just find a breakfast pack.

Roma Lawson Find a stockist

5 stars

I purchased the Veggie Breakfast Pack – wow. What can I say, I’m so happy right now. I was so convinced while eating the square slice that it was meat I had to stop mid-meal and check the ingredients. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I have ordered more for tonight. Well done Simon Howie!!!

Amanda Find a stockist

5 stars

The breakfast pack has changed our lives. As vegans we didn’t think we would ever get black pudding again. Your vegetarian black pudding is amazingly tasty. My partner loves the square sausage and Cumberland style link too. Thank you for making our breakfasts all the more tasty now.

Isobel Maclean Find a stockist

5 stars

I have just tried your veggie square sausages!! My goodness, what an absolute treat.

I have been a vegetarian for nearly 20 years and it’s so nice to have food that is full of flavour. I’m so excited and can’t wait to try your wee veggie breakfast . Thank you so much – the best surprise ever!!

Nichola Dale Find a stockist

5 stars

Just had the Vegetarian Breakfast Pack (not a vegetarian but allergic to pork) and I’m really happy to say I loved it. Veggie black pudding is my dream come true – it’s amazing.

Mary-Ann Find a stockist

5 stars

Hooked by your amazing vegetarian haggis. Blown over by your lorne sausage. Now KOd by your breakfast pack. You guys are something else. Can’t wait for bacon!

Alec Gray

The Vegetarian Square Sausage!! Since I discovered this product, breakfasts have been a happy time. I have been vegetarian most of my adult life but remember the non-veg square sausage’s taste as a kid & I did miss it… Simon Howie’s Vegetarian Square Sausage is The One!

No cows died making it & also no more gristly or unidentifiable bits! FANTASTIC product!

Jim McKenna Find a stockist

5 stars

Moved to Scotland nearly 2 years ago and I am so happy I can indulge in a vegetarian Scottish breakfast.

Your veggie products are great, and the carnivores in the family enjoy the meaty versions. Readily available in my local Aldi too. Thank you for making breakfast time easy and tasty for veggies and meat eaters.

Amanda Regan Find a stockist

Vegetarian black pudding is the best thing I’ve tasted since becoming vegetarian 17 years ago – please, please, please do this in a pack on its own!

Lauren Find a stockist

5 stars

I’ve been vegetarian for some time now and found some veggie products bland. Then I came across Vegetarian Lorne slice – honestly best thing I have ever had! Tastes and looks exactly the same as real slice but meat free… amazing!

Caitlin Doherty Find a stockist

5 stars

I’ve bought your vegetarian square sausage, vegetarian haggis and I’m just about to sample your Veggie Haggis Truffles with Peppercorn Sauce. Really admire the way you are embracing the changing eating habits.

Keep up the good work! A vegan steak pie would be a welcome addition. I’m spreading the word about your products!


Your Vegetarian Sausages are excellent, as is your Vegetarian Haggis – the best around.

Robert Middleton

Hands down THE best vegan/vegetarian square sausage going!

Hilary Mooney Find a stockist

5 stars

We are a family of veggies and have just tried your Veggie Square Sausage. It was really tasty and went down well with our cooked breakfast. Would love more veggie products too!

Jacqui Shannon Find a stockist

5 stars

Your Veggie Square Sausage is an absolute treasure! My dad and I have both been vegetarians for 5 years and always missed a good roll/fry up in the morning. The first time we tried the Veggie Square Sausage we both couldn’t help but fall in love with it! Thank you for creating something so amazing.

Elise Kelly Find a stockist

I have just had your veggie square sausage and it’s great! I am not a vegetarian – bought these as I was curious and I was quite impressed. I will buy these again.

Alison Christie Find a stockist

5 stars

I’ve been vegetarian for the best part of 40 years and I’ve just had this product – it’s amazing I absolutely love it and hope to make stovies with it soon. There are some things you will always miss being a vegetarian, but at least I can now have a decent plate of stovies thanks to your sausages!

They’re firm, the right colour and the flavour is really quite authentic from what I can remember, so thank you for making these square slices. So good I had to check the ingredients to make sure they were really veggie.

Mary Buckley Find a stockist

5 stars

Loved your Veggie Breakfast Pack! Best one we’ve ever tried! My vegetarian boyfriend loved it and as a meat eater I loved it also!

Anna Docherty Find a stockist

I have been vegetarian for 30 years now and have waited a long, long time for someone to come up with the veggie square sausage and I must say I am not disappointed. Absolutely amazing. So tasty. Thank you so much. Just wish everywhere would do these.

Sharon Shankland Find a stockist

5 stars

I’ve just discovered your Vegetarian Square Sausage in the supermarket and I wanted to let you know how much I love it…’s delicious!
I’m already a huge fan of your Vegetarian Haggis and this new product is a very welcome addition to your vegetarian range. Keep them coming!

Emma-Jane Gault Find a stockist

Myself and my large family of 8 ‘kidults’ are either vegan or vegetarian. I came across your vegetarian haggis last month, which I noted from your ingredients is actually vegan.

We all absolutely loved it. I mean really, really loved it. It’s fairly healthy too and good for our diet.

Angelica Ashbrook Heyworth Find a stockist

Hi – just to say a big thank you for developing vegetarian square slice. From what I can remember of eating meat it’s very authentic.  I was so excited to try the product last weekend as it’s been 30 years since I last had a roll and square sausage.

Jackie James Find a stockist

They are amazing! I never liked meat Lorne but I love these!

Lhanna Frost Find a stockist

Hi – just thought I would email to say a massive well done on the new vegetarian square sausage! The taste and texture is just out of this world. I have been vegetarian for years and get quite fed up of the usual bland tasteless products that’s on offer.

So please pass on a massive well done to all on this product – it fair tickled my taste buds and highly recommend it to all my family and friends.

Diane Goodall Find a stockist

The only thing I ever miss since becoming vegetarian is square sausage. I tried your vegetarian version, and know that as long as you keep producing this I will never feel like I’m missing out again!

If I’d been served this without knowing that it was vegetarian sausage I would never have known. The product is even better than the normal square slice.

Dawn Laverty Find a stockist

I have been a vegetarian for 35 years and one of the things I’ve missed the most is Lorne sausage. I just had your Veggie Square Sausage a slice on a roll and was not disappointed.

Thank you so much for making this product, I do not have the words to express my delight….

Jackie Watson Find a stockist

My partner, my aunt and I are all absolutely in love with it but can’t seem to get enough of it anywhere! Morrisons often sell out on the day and we are lucky to get a pack each a fortnight.


Gail Hawthorn Find a stockist

Your vegetarian square sausage is delicious!

Kathleen Mitchell buy

5 stars