You read that right!  Last year, we launched our sizzlingly satisfying Premium Dry Cure Bacon Medallions, our leanest bacon yet!  And because you loved them so much, we’re pleased to announce you can now pick up Smoked or Unsmoked Premium Medallions in more supermarket stores than ever before.  That’s because Tesco has increased availability throughout their Scottish supermarkets! Surely, someone deserves a MEDAL (ion) for that!

Three Reasons Why Bacon Medallions Might Be Your NEW Favourite Bacon Buy…

  1. They’re dry-cured by hand and traditionally smoked over beechwood with no added water.
  2. They’re exactly the same quality and flavour as our best-selling back bacon but trimmed of excess fat for a leaner, meatier mouthful.
  3. As the UK’s No.1 Dry Cure Bacon brand, we know a thing or two about Bacon – 6 in fact!   As our range now includes:

Where Can I Buy Premium Bacon Medallions?

You’ll be pleased to know we’ve just updated our Stockist Finder tool to reflect the greater availability of our delicious Bacon Medallions throughout Scottish Tesco stores!  Making it even easier for you to find them in a supermarket near you.  Simply enter your location information, select the ‘Bacon’ category and choose ‘Medallions’ from the product dropdown.  All there is left to do is press ‘GO’!

Now, GO buy that BACON!

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We’re focused on giving our customers what they want when they want it!  And because we value your opinion, we want to know what you think!    So, if you’ve tried and loved our Premium Dry Cure Medallions, why not let us know about it?  Rate them by leaving us a review, or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok to SHare your comments with us.

In the meantime, find your favourite flaSHer raSHer in the Simon Howie Bacon Range!