Ladies and gentlemen, brighter days are coming!  Because this April we’ve got a load of exciting re-releases joining our supermarket range as we anticipate getting ready to slather on the suncream, soak up the rays and gear up for a long-awaited BBQ season of grillin’ great grub… Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to in April!

Devil Dogs…

Our all-new hot-diggity Devil Dogs are joining Scottish Tesco supermarkets from April 4th.  And if you like a bit of spice, you’ll not want to miss out on our irresistible combination of seriously spicy pork & habanero chilli sausages!

Pork Jumbos & Bourbon Jumbos

There’s nothing boar-ing about our Pork Jumbo Dogs, new to Tesco stores this April!  And if you’re looking for an even bigger bite, this promises to be the ‘dog’ for you!  Or keep an eye out for our Bourbon Jumbos bringing Southern feels and ultimate ‘SHizzle’ to the dinner table.  Perfect for grilling, BBQing, oven-cooking or pan-frying.

Steak & Haggis Burgers

Our Premium Steak & Haggis Burgers are back by popular demand!  Sink your teeth into our original haggis mixed with prime cuts of 100% UK beef for a burger worthy of a BBQ, whatever the weather!

Premium Steak Burgers 4 PK

You already love our 2 pk Premium Steak Burgers, but joining the crew is our even bigger and better 4 pk addition.  A tasty choice, ideal for feeding the entire family!

Bourbon Burgers

Call us old-fashioned…But we think our Bourbon Burgers will liven up your grill with their smooth Southern flavours of sweet and sticky Tennessee Bourbon sauce. Expertly blended with our premium steak burger made from prime cuts of 100% UK beef!

Newly Innovated


Mini White Pudding Chubs 2 x 110g

Our exceptionally tasty and versatile Wee White Pudding just got even wee’er!  Look out for our all-new Mini White Pudding Chubs, now in convenient 2 x 110g size.  So good with breakfast, in a stuffing or alongside your favourite roast dinner diSH!

The New Lorne on the Block…

If you’re a lover of all things Lorne, make sure our all-new 675g Lorne Block is at the top of your shopping list!  The same great taste of our delicious Steak Lorne, now in a 10 slice block. Hitting supermarkets slightly later this week, you can expect to see the Lorne you’ve been longing for in Scottish Tesco stores from April 7th.

We’ve been stuck indoors too long!  At Simon Howie, we’re focused on bringing the family together with everything they need for a grill-tastic spring-summer season!

Stockist Finder Updates

We thank you for your patience as we work on updating our stockist finder to reflect our spring-summer supermarket releases. We’ll be letting you know on social media as soon as we’ve completed our stockist maintenance so you can fire on the grill and find your nearest store with ease!

In the meantime, look out for our new and exciting sizzling Simon Howie products in Scottish Tesco supermarkets from April 4th. And if you love them, why not visit us on social and let us know.

Go on. Get grillin’!