Those who have tried a pack of Simon Howie premium, dry cure bacon will realise that we take achieving a consistent, quality product very seriously indeed. If you’ve yet to try it, we’re sure you will be quickly convinced! Let us give you a bit of background on how our bacon is produced right here at our home in Dunning, Perthshire.

Quality is key

We understand that the quality of the product that you, the customer, receives is determined by the meat’s quality right from the beginning, which is why we will always exclusively use meat from UK suppliers with as much as possible coming from Scotland.

In a time where many consumers are taking more and more interest in food miles, sustainability, and the journey their food has taken from farm to fork, we take traceability very seriously too. We perform annual checks on full traceability back to abattoir. We also test raw materials and the finished product to ensure the integrity of all the meat we purchase. Furthermore, we take care to source suppliers whose livestock comes from farms with industry-approved animal welfare certifications.

No added water

Lots of bacon on the market is pumped full of water, but not ours. The loins we receive are dry cured by hand in the factory – yes, hand cured! We do this with a mixture of salt and our own cure exclusive to Simon Howie. The salt helps to draw out moisture and prevent excess residue that you might be used to finding at the bottom of the pan when cooking up other bacon brands. Because we use smaller, well-trimmed loins, our rashers are far leaner than most: another unique aspect of our bacon. It has just enough fat to cook up nicely, but not too much to leave you with a fatty rasher!

The perfect dry cure

After the loins have been left to rest in the cure for a minimum of 7 days,  we then create our ‘smoked’ variation by smoking over beechwood in our Perthshire smokehouse. This results in a deliciously moreish flavour and a wonderful smell if you happen to be passing the back of the factory as the smokers doors are opened!

We then slice and pack the bacon by hand, allowing our factory team full visibility of the end product. This helps us to make sure each rasher of bacon is up to Simon Howie standard. Quite a labour of love, but this is a key ingredient in all our products!

Bacon #Foodspiration

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