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It's Bangin' !!

It's Bangin' !!


CHOCOLATE HAGGIS is available in supermarkets across Scotland from 3rd Jan until Burns Night!!

This pudding is all SWEET TREAT NO MEAT and finally gives Burns Night a pudding we can all get excited about!

Cook up like a regular haggis then slice open your steaming hot chocolate haggis and serve with ice cream , cream OR BOTH!!



As the UK’s Number ONE haggis brand, we wanted to give Burns Night a pudding we could all get excited about. Whether you are enjoying our Original or Vegetarian Haggis as the main event you’ll want to top the evening off with steaming hot Chocolate Haggis served up with ice cream, cream or both!!

Ode to a Chocolatey Haggis

Ode to thee, ye bonnie haggis fair,
A confection of delight beyond compare,
Made from chocolate brownie mix so fine,
With white chocolate chips, a taste divine.

Thy shape, a cunning work of culinary art,
Resembles the haggis that warms each heart,
Yet thou art sweet, not savoury in thy core,
A treat that leaves us wanting more and more.

As neeps and tatties grace the Scottish plate,
Thy presence too, does elevate,
With every bite, a symphony of flavour plays,
A Highland dance upon our taste bud’s stage.

Oh, chieftain o’ the pudding-race so sweet,
Thy cocoa notes and sugared beat,
Unite in harmony, a joyful song,
Toasting Burns Night, where you belong.

Oh, tae partake in this scrumptious treat,
A chocolate haggis, a wondrous feat.
No bard of old could e’er foretell,
Such a creation, that casts such a spell.

Though not a haggis of the usual make,
Thy chocolatey form does us all awake,
To pleasures of the tongue and soul combined,
A haggis of a different kind.

So here’s to thee, ye choc’late haggis dear,
On this Burns Night, we raise a cheer,
For in thy sweetness, we take our flight,
To celebrate with joy and sweet delight.

You're making us

At first, I was like… Chocolate haggis what!? But I had to buy it as soon as I saw it and then I had to eat it. I couldn’t wait! OMG it is DELICIOUS!!! I will be buying it again – may buy them all and CANNOT WAIT to have it for pudding on Burns Night!! AMAZING!! Thank you!!

Very Happy Customer

5 stars

Bangin indeed!!! SO SO SO GOOD!!! Why has no one done this before!!? Chocolate haggis is the best brownie pudding I have EVER eaten!! Thank you Simon Howie!!

Happy Customer

5 stars

OMG!!!! CHOCOLATE HAGGIS!! I am lost for words… GENIUS!!!


5 stars