Last week, we met with our Space Haggis competition winner, Caleb Hutchison from Balhousie Primary School to hand over a framed copy of his winning mission badge design!  Caleb, along with over 1000 students from national Primary Schools participated in our 2022 out-of-this-world drawing competition where students were tasked with designing us a mission badge to commemorate the one year anniversary of our special space haggis mission.

His winning artwork was chosen by Simon out of over 1000 designs, with his design bagging his school a £500 donation which will be used to purchase new playground equipment for all to enjoy!  Reporters from The Courier and Perthshire Advertiser were keen to meet Caleb at our Perth Shop and we were even more thrilled to congratulate this talented young artist in the flesh by proudly presenting him with a framed, embroidered version of his incredible artwork.  Well done, Caleb!

A special shout-out to Net Digitizing UK for supplying our winner’s patch for us in record time.  Be sure to visit them for all your high-quality badges, labels, epaulettes and lanyards, with superb service guaranteed!