We have some exciting news worth SHouting about! Launching in Primary Schools on January 6th, 2022, is Space Haggis, the official Competition!

Where No Haggis Has Gone Before…

We celebrated Burns Night 2021 with a big bang by boldly sending our haggis where no haggis has gone before…To the edges of outer space! At the time, we were inundated with interest from schools and students who had seen our exciting story covered by Newsround & BBC News etc. Many Science Teachers got in touch to let us know they’d based school lessons around this world-first Haggis Mission! How cool is that?

At the time, we had planned on sending the amazing Stratonauts Team out to visit local schools and engage students in educational workshops. We wanted to continue engaging young minds by sharing our flight video and sciencey mission statistics with the purpose of inspiring kids in a lesson all about Space Haggis! Unfortunately, covid restrictions made this impossible. That being said, in line with Burns Night 2022, we’re back! And we’re not letting anything stop us this time.

An Out-of-This-World Competition…

This year, we’re delighted to mark our one-year space mission anniversary with the launch of our Space Haggis competition, which invites Primary School students to design us an official Flight Badge to commemorate this special event! Every space mission needs a Flight Badge, right?  We have emailed all Scottish Primary Schools all the info they need to take part. If you would like to receive a copy of this please email marketing@simonhowiefoods.co.uk and we will ping it on to you! (Schools in England, Wales and Ireland are extremely welcome to take part too!) Primary age Kids are called to submit their Mission Badge Designs between 10th – 21st January by emailing a scan of their design to marketing@simonhowiefoods.co.uk (this can either be sent by the guardian of the individual or ideally a class teacher could submit all the entries from their class!)

To make the competition as engaging as possible we have teamed up with the Stratonauts again and put together a fascinating and easy to digest Space haggis masterclass video lesson. Lewis from Stratonauts talks through everything involved in sending something to space sets the kids up to design the mission badge, suggests an ‘eggstremely’ fun space ‘eggsperiment’  and then ends with the footage of the space haggis itself. Lesson planning made easy! The perfect way to engage kids in the run-up to Burns 2022 with something a bit different!

Watch the Primary School Space Lesson here: https://youtu.be/XEXsKa5U3tU

(Please note this video was made for us and our distribution only. It is proprietary and not for unauthorised distribution)

The Winning Prize?

We’ll be donating £500 to the winner’s primary school fundraising association!  And, the winning student will receive a framed copy of their Flight Badge and a bunch of Simon Howie goodies for the whole family to enjoy! We see this as a unique opportunity for students to grow their STEM-based learning within the classroom.

Ready for lift-off? Watch our full flight video here.

Or why not check out some of the creative school entries we’ve received so far…