Thank you, summer! You were a blast: long sunny days, family BBQs, and tearing up a Sunday breakfast on the patio. But guess what? You’re gone now, and now it’s time to bring out the autumnal favourites. With colder nights, rainy days and a (soon-to-be) nip in the air, we’re excited to welcome NEW products into Scottish supermarkets.  Here’s what’s NOW AVAILABLE in our September range change!

So Long BBQ, You Were The Best

We get it… It’s a little tearful saying adios to your grillin’ good favourites from our BBQ range (see you again next year!), but make no mistake we’re bringing you new products and some old favourites that are destined to make your mouth water because at this time of year we’re all about embracing the cosiest of comfort foods!

Here are the latest new listings now available in Scottish Tesco supermarkets…

Veggie Sausages

They’re BACK!  You already love them in our Veggie Breakfast Pack, but we’re thrilled to reintroduce our 300g Veggie Sausages back onto the shelves!  Back by popular demand, our veggie good bangers are now available NOW!  Perfect in your morning breakfast roll, veggie casserole or vegan bangers & mash… The veggie dish possibilities are endless!

Pork Olives

We’re bringing it back to the classics!  You won’t just like these, you’ll want to eat olive them! Our Pork Olives are back and make the perfect autumn and winter warmer! A family dinner fave packed with juicy pork loin meat, onion and sage stuffing centre, with a taste so good you’ll be hooked in no time—we promise!

Premium Meatballs

Our NEW 300g Premium Meatballs are ready to make their way into your shopping basket this autumn! These give a whole new meaning to ‘amazeballs’ and with 12 per pack, they’re perfect for your next meatball sub, or family spag bol dinner…Just don’t forghetti the spaghetti!

Premium Dry Cure Diced Bacon 

Also newly available in Tesco stores is our  Premium Dry Cure Diced Bacon! It’ll be bacon you crazy in all the right ways!  Now conveniently DICED and ideal for throwing in our favourite soups, casseroles, autumn stews and hearty pasta diSHes.  All hail for bite-sized bacon bits!

Joining the Main Range…

We know what you’re thinking: “But what will happen to my Premium Steak Burgers & Pork Jumbos?!?” We hear you loud and clear, friends, and we’ve got good news! These two Simon Howie favourites are not going anywhere. They’re proudly joining our Main Range—meaning you’ll be able to add these favourites to your shopping basket all year round!

Here are some listings now available in Scottish Asda supermarkets…

Premium Dry Cure Bacon Medallions

OK…We deserve a medal(lion) for this one! Find our lean, mean Premium Dry Cure Medallions in Scottish Asda stores NOW. 8 delicious rashers per pack, trimmed of fat for an even flasher rasher!

Guess what’s just arrived in Scottish Morrisons stores?  SPOILER ALERT…

Pork Sausage Breakfast Patties & Reduced Fat Steak Lorne

We’ve just upped your breakfast game entirely! Our muffin’ short of incredible Pork Sausage Breakfast Patties are new to Morrisons and here to rock your morning breakfast stack! Because…Who needs the drive-thru? Oh, and let us not forget our Reduced Fat Steak Lorne with 30th LESS FAT is joining too! Both are incredibly moreish and free from gluten…Find them in stores NOW!


Stockist Finder Updates 

See? There are so many new Simon Howie supermarket eats to enjoy in September!  We thank you for your patience as we work on updating our stockist finder to reflect this year’s autumn-winter supermarket releases. We’ll be letting you know on social media as soon as we’ve completed our stockist maintenance so you can search for your nearest store! 

In the meantime, look out for our new autumn releases on shelves and if you love them already, why not visit us on social and make us bluSH?