Amid the uncertainty we are all facing right now, we are happy to be able to share a bit of good news where home cooking is concerned!

The supermarkets have freshened their ranges for spring 2020, and with that comes the return of some well-loved Simon Howie products. But most importantly, it means a raft of new products that we’ve been working hard to bring to you over the last few months are now here and ready for you to enjoy! Our brand new (and some returning) products and the supermarkets to find them in are as follows:

Mealtime Essentials

New!Veggie Black Pudding 240g

Crowned by many of you as the ‘star of the Veggie Breakfast Pack’, we have been inundated with requests to sell our Veggie Black Pudding in stand-alone packs. You asked, we delivered! Find this delicious addition to your meat-free breakfast now in selected Tesco stores in Scotland.

New! Reduced Fat Steak Lorne 270g

The latest addition to our range of gluten free products is our Reduced Fat Steak Lorne. A healthier twist on our Premium Steak Lorne containing 30% less fat, it is also the first widely available gluten free Lorne in supermarkets. Pick up a pack in Scottish Tesco stores now, and enjoy a not so guilty pleasure for your next cooked breakfast!

New!Lean Butcher Shop Steak Mince 500g

Just like you’d get from the butcher! Steak mince with only 5 % fat. Ideal for using in your favourite recipes, or popping in the freezer for later due to its handy, space-saving size. Available now in Scottish Tesco stores.

BBQ Range

New!Steak & Sweet Chilli Jumbo Dogs 400g

Following the success of our Tennessee Bourbon Jumbo Dogs, we have introduced our Steak & Sweet Chilli Jumbos for those who fancy a bit of spice in their life! BBQ, grill, or get creative with your home cooking and share your creations with us! Also available now in Scottish Tesco stores.

New! 2 Pack Steak & Haggis Burgers 227g

Our Original Haggis mixed with prime cuts of 100% UK beef is a taste combination you don’t want to miss! Keep your eyes peeled for these BBQ delights, now in Scottish Tesco stores.

New!BBQ Pack for Two 630g

Embrace the spirit of summer with our great BBQ selection pack. With 2 steak burgers, 4 pork sausages and 2 succulent beef koftas, you’re ready to get sizzling! Available in Scottish Tesco stores.

Bourbon is Back

We are also happy to welcome back our highly popular 2 Pack Bourbon BBQ Burgers and Tennessee Bourbon Jumbo Dogs for the summer months, available in Scottish Tesco stores.

We often receive queries about stocking our Bourbon Jumbo Dogs all year-round, and while we’d love to, this is largely down to shelf space and the decision of the supermarkets on what to stock and when. For now though, all you jumbo fans can look forward to many Bourbon and chilli-filled meals over the coming months!

Find Near You

Like the sound of our tasty new additions? Use our updated Stockist Finder to find these and our wider product range in supermarkets near you so you know where to look next time you’re out for your essentials.