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We’re Bacon You Crazy in February!

By Lisa Cruickshank

Who's loves bacon? WE LOVE BACON! Sweetcure, dry-cured, smoked, unsmoked, crispy slices, lean medallions! At Simon Howie, there really is no flasher rasher! This month, we're bacon you crazy with... Read more

Introducing Our Leanest Bacon Yet!

By Lisa Cruickshank

Our Simon Howie Bacon Medallions prove an instant hit with our bacon-loving supermarket community! Bringing Home The Bacon Since their September 2021 launch, our dry-cured medallions have risen in popularity... Read more

7 Weird Bacon Facts You Didn’t Know

By Lisa Cruickshank

Bacon.  It's universally iconic.  And we love it!  But if, like us, you're a bit of a genu-swine connoisseur of all things bakey!  Here are seven weird bacon facts you... Read more