Is there a better way to start the day than a fully cooked Scottish breakfast?  It’s certainly one of our favourite ways to break our morning fast.  From the deliciously dippy eggs to the tattie scones, haggis, sizzling sausages, and more!  There’s no denying we Scots LIVE for a fry-up filled with some of our favourite national foods.  So why not improve your breakfast trivia with 4 tasty facts about the Fully Cooked Breakfast!

  • Historically Traditional… 

‘The idea of the cooked breakfast as a national dish goes right back to the 13th century and the country houses of the gentry,’ explains Guise Bule, chairman of the Breakfast Society, who has spent considerable time researching the first meal of the day. ‘In the old Anglo-Saxon tradition of hospitality, households would provide hearty breakfasts for visiting friends, relatives and neighbours.’  The cooked breakfast was once a sign of societal wealth!

  • It’s Ever-Evolving…

Did you know the historical cooked breakfast actually bears no resemblance to the modern eggs and bacon we’re used to? It wasn’t until the Victorian working classes adopted eggs and bacon as a staple that the ingredients began to be standardised. Their basic cooked breakfast with tea and toast became a daily routine, providing workers with energy and a full stomach and helping sustain them through a day of gruelling manual labour.

  • Stewed Figs, Anyone? 

The cooked breakfast once commonly involved eating only one cooked item, which is in stark contrast to the glutenous mix of Scottish brekkie delights we know and love! Back then, one started the day with the likes of baked halibut steaks, fried whiting, or stewed figs, or even kidneys on toast!  But, ask yourself, is it even breakfast without fried haggis, or a slice of black pudding?

  • Locally Adapted, Nationally Treasured 

No matter where you are, you’re never far from a Fully Cooked Breakfast! And you’re sure to find a locally adapted version depending on your geographical location! Our beloved Scottish cooked brekkie is of course the Fully Cooked firing at its BEST with its Haggis, Lorne (square) Sausage, and awfy-good Tattie Scones! Let it be said, the Scots know how to breakfast!  An Irish Fully Cooked Breakfast includes Soda Bread, White Pudding or Bubble & Squeak, or the Welsh version with its Laverbread and Cockles.  Just look further afield to the USA, where a sweet and syrupy pile of pancakes is served alongside your eggs and bacon!

Most Important Of All… 

The Fully Cooked breakfast is evidently here to stay!  In fact, it’s more popular than ever.  So what’s most important of all, no matter how you like to eat yours, or where in the country you’re eating it, just ENJOY IT in all its fully cooked glory! Is there really any better meal to enjoy for breakfast, lunch or brinner?

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Happy Breakfasting!