Planning what’s for dinner every night is hard work, tiring almost some days, right? If you are lucky enough to live in the Perthshire area with access to our Perth and Auchterarder shops, you are in for a treat. The teams have come up with a range of meat packs to make meal planning and shopping easier, saving you time and money!

If you have been browsing our meat packs online and are pondering which one is best for you, then we thought we would put together this handy guide to what our meat packs contain, who they’re best for, and a couple of ideas of what delicious meals you can make with each of them.

£20 Meat Pack

The £20 meat pack is the starting point for our meati-licious options. It’s fantastic for those who need to make a meal for one or two people and ideal if you’re looking to send a loved one a foodie surprise to keep their freezer stocked up if they can’t get out.

There is enough meat for around seven meals for two people – Wowie! And even more, if you are just cooking for one.

£20 meat pack


The pack contains:

425g Steak Mince, with which you could make a hearty chilli con carne, or maybe mix it up with some of our original haggis to make a mouth-watering haggis lasagne or other warming meal!

425g Chicken Stir Fry, complete with onions and peppers in our amazing stir-fry sauce. It’s perfect when you need a quick but healthy meal in minutes. This can be frozen, but we recommend eating it fresh within two days of purchase when it’s tastiest!

2 x 180g Chicken fillets. You can use these versatile chicken fillets for a range of delightful dishes. Why not whip up a lemon and coriander glaze for a light and delicious meal served with rice or salad? For less than four people, just half the ingredients shown in the recipe!

454g Pork link sausages. With these classic pork link sausages, you have a variety of cooking choices, from the traditional hot dog to an autumnal toad in the hole or even chopped up and added to a pasta dish. You’ll definitely get a meal or two to go bangers about out of these!

4 x Steak Burgers, these speak for themselves – serve in a fresh roll with the toppings of your choice. Or, if you are looking to mix things up a bit, you could try these super simple smash burger tacos.

2-pack Sausage Rolls – These flaky sausage rolls are perfect for a quick lunch or snack or for an effortless dinner with some veg and tatties.

£30 meat pack

Our £30 mid-range meat pack is excellent for filling the bellies of any family! Ideal for households of 3-4 people, this meat pack will see you through a week and maybe beyond with careful meal planning.

£30 meat pack

Inside our £30 meat-tastic pack, you’ll find:

2 x 425g Mince, let’s face it, this classic is the basis for many a classic dinner staple. You could whip up a dinner of traditional mince and tatties, family favourite bolognese or a warming cottage pie. The possibilities are endless, and mince-based dinners can also be stretched further by adding extra veg – perfect for filling up the family!

4 x 180g Chicken Fillets, another versatile friend in the kitchen, are chicken fillets. Why not try the ultimate Scottish classic, chicken balmoral, next time you pick up your meat pack?

750g pork loin rolled. This rolled joint of goodness will make the perfect roast any day of the week! Leftovers? Slice it up for sandwiches for school, or use it to add something tasty to a salad or pasta dish.

454g Pork Sausages: as mentioned above, our pork sausages are popular with the whole family. Whether you’re making sausage and mash, hot dogs or a delicious sausage and egg roll, these classics never disappoint.

454g Steak Sausages, these twists on the classic are great in various meals, Add them to your breakfast plate or chop them into a hearty casserole everyone will go crazy for.

1 x Mince Round Pie. For a quick and easy dinner, you want something you can throw something in the oven to warm up – this is it. Perfect with veggies and mash any day of the week.

£50 meat pack

Quite literally, the Wowie of the meat pack options! Our £50 meat pack is perfect for families of 4 or more, or when your cooking to impress. It’s also a great way to fill up your fridge or freezer!

£50 meat pack

Like the £30 option the £50 meat pack includes: 2 x 425g of mince, 4 x 180g chicken fillets, 454g of pork sausages, plus the following delightful additions:

1 x 1 lb Steak Pie, our ever-popular traditional steak pie with our famous steak and gravy mix, is a family favourite and an easy meal to prepare if you are caught in some mid-week madness!

4 x Beef olives. Our customers are olive-over our beef olives. These Thinly sliced silverside steaks -wrapped around a beef sausage meat centre are perfect served with the potato dish of your choice.

680g Silverside of beef – the undisputed king of the roasting joints! It’s everything you could ever want from a Sunday roast and more! Make it even better with our perfect roast potato recipe!

4 x 170g Rump Steaks, eat two, freeze two! This date night classic is yours to enjoy at home! Just season and pan-fry to your liking!

We hope this helps you understand more about our meat packs, what’s included, and how wonderfully versatile they are!

Remember, you can click and collect from our Perth and Auchterarder shops or have your meaty goodies delivered to your door if you live within our delivery area. We’ve made ordering online easier than ever before with online payments! Find out more here.