Hot news off the grill! We are so delighted to announce that our Black Label gastro burger has won the meat product of the year category at the Scottish Food and Drink Awards 2023! Wowie!

The Scottish Food and Drink Excellence Awards

The Scottish Food and Drink Excellence Awards are a prestigious annual event that celebrates and recognises excellence in Scotland’s food and drink industry. These awards highlight the achievements, innovations, and contributions of individuals, companies, and products that have made significant impacts within the culinary and beverage sectors in Scotland.

The event brings together experts, professionals, and enthusiasts from the food and beverage industry to acknowledge outstanding achievements and to promote the high-quality offerings that Scotland has to offer. The awards cover a wide range of categories, including best products, best restaurants, best chefs, innovation, sustainability, and more. It’s a huge honour to be nominated and to have won such a highly acclaimed award.

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A Burger Above the Rest

When we begun our journey to creating the Black Label gastro burger, we had one goal in mind: to create a burger so tasty, it could rival those served in the finest restaurants, but conveniently enjoyed at home.

We take pride in our choice of the finest Aberdeen Angus beef cuts, which are the foundation for our burger-tastic masterpiece.

Our team of skilled butchers poured their passion and expertise into this burger’s creation. From the carefully selected seasoning blends that elevates the Angus beef to new heights of flavour, to the meticulous crafting of each layer, we’ve spared no effort in our quest for burger perfection. So, we are over the moon that our efforts have been rewarded with the title of meat product of the year!

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