Make your mum this waffley good breakfast for Mother’s Day and say ‘thanks for (black) pudding up with me’ Serve it with a cuppa and give her a tea-rrific start to the day! What better way to say ‘You da MOM!’ than with a home-cooked breakfast bonanza like this?

Waffley Good Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Waffley Good
We bought a waffle maker at Christmas. I wasn’t sure. I hate a kitchen gadget clogging up the work surfaces (ice cream maker anyone!?) BUT I have to say we have used it a lot! Anyone with kids will know that if it can be eaten with Nutella it’s a hit, so waffles are in high demand in our house.
After 4 or 5 brunches of Nutella and berries, we were ready to get a bit more waffely versatile! Obviously, we love a cooked breakfast and bacon. I mean who doesn’t love bacon!? So while bacon and maple syrup was the obvious next step I figured why not jump in with both feet and make a breakfast waffle sandwich stack.

More is More
I’m not usually a huge fan of baked beans with a cooked breakfast. I know, sorry. BUT with the waffles they were knock-out and in my opinion, essential. While a huge breakfast and perhaps on the indulgent side, it was a breakfast triumph and one I will be enjoying again soon.