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A Proper Square Meal


Back to square one on breakfast ideas? Take a look at our video for this Square Sausage Croque Madame for some #foodspiration and follow the full recipe at the link below!

Don’t forget to tag us in your photos on social media, or share your creations with the hashtag #ThinkOutsidetheSquare!

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Where Can I Find It?

Where Can I Find It?

Now your breakfast plans are squaring up nicely, head over to our stockist finder to find our range of square sausages in a supermarket near you!

As well as our more traditional Classic Breakfast Lorne Sausage and Premium Steak Lorne, you can also find our Reduced Fat Steak Lorne for a lighter (and gluten free!) option, or our much-loved Veggie Square Sausage in supermarkets across Scotland.

You're making us

I have just had some of your gluten free square slice oh my that’s the best slice I have tasted for a long time .even better than any I’ve had with gluten .it was meaty  cooked lovely .reminded me of square slice that you got many years ago .so thank you that has made me happy today.

GF Steak Lorne Happy Customer

5 stars

I knew this would be a winner when I saw pizza & breakfast in the same sentence!  Very unique, so satisfying and tasty.  Highly recommend it!

Louisa H

Gluten free sliced sausage is very good and tasty. My husband ate it and said it was good, then I told him it was gluten-free. He was amazed! Will try your other gluten free items. Great to have  gluten free choices, thank you!

Irene Gray Find a stockist

5 stars

Lorne sausage. Once you get the cooking just right with a bit of coloration, this is very good in a traditional roll with a touch of brown sauce and a cuppa.

Michael Robertson Find a stockist

5 stars

I have recently bought your “Steak Lorne Slices” (four in a pack) and very impressed not only with the quality but the packaging and ease of which I was able to simplistically separate the slices.

Colin Reid Buy now