Lorne sausage, square sausage, square slice… are we missing any? This Scottish breakfast classic is known by many names, but whatever you call it, there’s no doubt it is widely recognised as a true staple of any Scottish breakfast. Full Scottish? Sorted. Roll and square slice? Can’t beat it. But what is Lorne sausage exactly? And for the benefit of those in other parts of the UK and further afield – why do we Scots love it so much?!

A slice of history

The term ‘square sausage’ pretty much does what it says on the tin, but for context, instead of being put into casings like traditional link sausages, the sausagemeat mixture is formed into a block and sliced to make more of a ‘patty’.

So what about the name Lorne? Well, this history lesson can double as a quick geography lesson too, because Lorne is actually the name of the ancient region of Lorn in Scotland, now part of present-day Argyll & Bute. No-one knows for sure, but among other theories, it is thought that the first variation of this Scottish favourite may have originated here, giving the breakfast classic its name.

What is it made of?

A Lorne sausage is traditionally made from a mixture of minced beef, rusk or fine breadcrumbs, and spices. Although beef has historically been the more common meat used for sausages in Scotland, pork could be used to make square sausages too! Our own Lorne sausage is made from high quality cuts of UK beef mixed with our own blend of spices and seasoning.

Squareful now…

The humble square sausage has even managed to spark a bit of debate in recent years, as Aldi’s new ‘Sausedges’ launched south of the border in 2019 in what they claimed to be the UK’s first flat, square sausage. However, square sausage fans were quick to take to social media to clarify that these had been a fundamental part of the Scottish diet for many years before!

Square sausage for all

Lorne purists will say there’s only one way to square a sausage, but we say differently! As well as our Premium Steak Lorne and Classic Breakfast Beef Lorne, we have extended our Lorne family with the addition of our staggeringly popular Vegetarian Square Sausages and our Reduced Fat Steak Lorne which is also gluten free! We are firm believers that our customers should be free to enjoy their breakfast favourites whatever their dietary requirements or choices, so now even more of you can enjoy that iconic taste.

Speaking of taste, both our Classic Breakfast Beef Lorne and our Vegetarian Square Sausage are former winners of the world-renowned Great Taste Awards, so we’re confident you’ll enjoy them if you haven’t tried them already! Head to our stockist finder to see which supermarkets have these treats in store near you!

Think outside the square…

Square sausage is perfect as part of a fry-up or in a fresh morning roll, it’s true, but have you ever thought about what else it could be used for? We’ve come up with some exciting new ways to enjoy this Scottish staple for a fresh perspective on a proper square meal! Check out our recipes and if you give them a go, be sure to share your photos on social media using the hashtag #ThinkOutsidetheSquare!

But now for the all-important question… red sauce or brown??