We are very proud to announce that our Original Haggis has been awarded a prestigious 2-star accolade at the 2022 Great Taste Awards! A judging panel of over 500 food and drink professionals have flexed their finely honed tastebuds at this year’s Great Taste Awards (GTA), blind-tasting over 14,205 different products from 110 countries.  So let’s just say we’re extremely proud of our famous haggis, not only for being the first to make it to the edge of space but now… for reaching for the stars!

Notes from the Judging Panel…

The judges were very impressed by our haggis; noting “We thought this haggis looked very visually appealing, served traditional style, and had a lovely enticing meaty-savoury aroma. The texture was surprisingly moist and light with a pleasing oatiness, barley nuttiness and crunch, peppery flavour and bite. We think it’s an excellent example of its kind and very tasty, well done.”

“Looks very moist and has a spicy aroma. Great depth of flavour, the spices are perfectly balanced and there is a warmth and peppery finish. The texture is good, quite light, soft but chewy and satisfying.”

“A plump, deeply coloured haggis that offers a moist texture and a peppery flavour with clove spice evident. The judges felt that a touch more salt could help elevate the product further but overall a satisfyingly meaty and spiced haggis.”

We’re absolutely delighted with this new achievement because this means the panel of judges, who include great chefs and food writers, have all agreed that Simon Howie haggis has a delicious and unique taste. And we very much look forward to proudly putting the 2-star Great Taste logo alongside our product – a badge of honour for any Wowie! haggis producer to have!