One of the best things about adult life is eating breakfast for dinner! And, we don’t just mean slapping an egg on top of your tea. We’re talking about replacing your dinner time meal with ALL the glory of the fully cooked breakfast! Here’s why breakfast for dinner (brinner) is the BEST!

Anarchy Begins at Breakfast

Never mind the meal times! Because if you’re eating breakfast for dinner, it says a lot about how rock and roll you are! You’ve taken societal norms and quite literally turned them on their heads. Nobody’s going to tell you what to eat and when. Because you’re a mealtime anarchist, and nobody tells you WHAT TO CHEW!  Breakfast for dinner is naughty, it’s indulgent, and it tastes GREAT! 

Cheap Brekkie Thrills (Guaranteed)

Popular breakfast items like eggs, sausages and bakey are versatile and cost a fraction of regular dinnertime meals. You may even get to skip a trip to the supermarket altogether if you frequently stock brekkie items in your fridge!  One of the best brinner perks is that you can feed your family with a familiar, and deliciously satisfying meal, for very little cost, saving money!  And, nobody has been disappointed by a fry up for dinner, not once.  Not ever.  

Filling Up…

Brinner is the family DINNER WINNER of all time! In fact, most people get slightly giddy at the thought of having a sneaky fry up out with breakfasting hours!  But asides from the feelings of mealtime rebellion, breakfast for dinner is a great way to keep your family fully fuelled with high protein foods like lean bacon, eggs, and baked beans!   

So, once in a while, opt for a cheeky wee treat and surprise your family with a fully cooked breakfast for dinner.  Pile those bacon slices high, layer your toast thick with butter, and throw some dippy eggs in the mix.  We guarantee you’ll be brinning!