The summer (we use the term loosely) holidays are drawing to a close and it’s back to school for kids across Scotland these next few weeks.

And for parents, this means back to juggling the many balls of work, school runs, taxiing to and from sports practices and club meetings, washing school uniforms, picking up their weekly haul from their local Simon Howie butcher (wink), and after all that, having to conjure up meal ideas when the owners of rumbling tummies creep into the kitchen and ask,

“What’s for tea?”

Not to worry! We have plenty #Foodspiration on our recipes section to make life a bit easier and help you plan for the week ahead. Our sausages are a family favourite suitable for all mealtimes, so we’ve posted a recipe for a Sausage Rigatoni – a delicious pasta dish courtesy of @justjessfood which will feed the family and still leave enough for tomorrow’s lunchboxes!

If you have a slow cooker, this is a great way to free up your time in the evenings too. Simply prepare the ingredients in the morning, pop it all in the cooker on a low setting, and as if by magic it’s ready and waiting for you when you walk in the door.

Try this Sausage and Bean Slow Cooker Stew recipe for another fill-your-boots family feed that’s a perfect warmer for the darker nights just around the corner…