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Vegetarian Square Sausage

£2.00 per pack

A little slice of veggie happiness


The perfect addition to a vegetarian cooked breakfast, offering all the taste of the classic Scottish favourite with none of the meat.

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I’ve been vegetarian for some time now and found some veggie products bland. Then I came across Vegetarian Lorne slice – honestly best thing I have ever had! Tastes and looks exactly the same as real slice but meat free… amazing!

Caitlin Find a stockist

I’ve bought your vegetarian square sausage, vegetarian haggis and I’m just about to sample your Veggie Haggis Truffles with Peppercorn Sauce. Really admire the way you are embracing the changing eating habits.

Keep up the good work! A vegan steak pie would be a welcome addition. I’m spreading the word about your products!


Hands down THE best vegan/vegetarian square sausage going!

Hilary Mooney Find a stockist

We are a family of veggies and have just tried your Veggie Square Sausage. It was really tasty and went down well with our cooked breakfast. Would love more veggie products too!

Jacqui Shannon Find a stockist

Your Veggie Square Sausage is an absolute treasure! My dad and I have both been vegetarians for 5 years and always missed a good roll/fry up in the morning. The first time we tried the Veggie Square Sausage we both couldn’t help but fall in love with it! Thank you for creating something so amazing.

Elise Kelly Find a stockist