We’ve made some changes!

Historically we never took payment for click-and-collect and local delivery orders due to the nature of the product. We wanted to be as flexible as possible and accommodate all requests. But our process at Christmas with fixed weights and prices actually works so much better, allowing people to place an order, pay for it and know that is job done!

So – we’ve rolled out the same process onto our normal website and we hope you like the changes! The way you order certain products has had to change to accommodate the move, with fixed weight options for roasts etc and we’ve streamlined the range down to only our best sellers but hopefully, you will understand why. Everything else will still be available directly from the shops so please pop in and see them or call to request any other items, we are still here to do all we can to help.

From now on all DELIVERY orders will be paid for at checkout – no more having to pay over the phone! Just pay at the checkout and wait to receive your order, delivered to your door, or requested safe place, on the day you asked for it!

You can also pay for all COLLECTION orders online but we’ve kept the option there to pay when you come to collect, just in case you know there are other things you want to add to your order and it’s easier for you to pay for that all at once. The choice is yours! The team will have a note if your order has been paid for or not, so don’t worry, if you paid for your order online it will be ready and waiting for you to grab and go on the date you asked for it!

If you need to cancel or amend your order please do so up and until the day before your order. We cannot refund orders on the day they are due to be collected or delivered. To cancel or amend an order please email collect@simonhowiefoods.co.uk or call 01764 686 020.


Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on any order placed before 25th August with the code FREEDELIV