We have some great news for Simon Howie fans across the UK! We’re delighted to share that our Smoked Bacon, Unsmoked Bacon, and Premium Pork Sausages can be found in selected Sainsbury’s stores nationwide for a limited time.

From February 12 – March 3, 2020, keep an eye out for our bacon and sausages on offer at the end of the aisles. This marks the first time these products have been available in Sainsbury’s stores outside of Scotland! Whether you’re already a fan, or you just don’t know it yet, this is the perfect time to grab a pack. Or two… or three…

Both our Smoked Bacon and Unsmoked Bacon are Great Taste award-winners. These are internationally recognised accolades that signify superior taste and quality recognised by industry experts, so we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy the taste too! Our dry cure bacon is cured by hand here in Dunning using our own unique cure and matured for a minimum of seven days. We never add water, which means the rashers you enjoy will be free from the residue you may find when cooking other brands of bacon. It is then traditionally smoked gently over beech wood in our purpose-built smokehouse here in the hills of Perthshire.

As for our Premium Pork Sausages, they’re also a firm family favourite for any mealtime. If you need some easy meal ideas, we’ve got plenty recipes to inspire you!

For our Scottish customers – not to worry! There’s good news for you too, as our Smoked Bacon, Unsmoked Bacon and Premium Pork Sausages will also be on offer in Scottish Sainsbury’s stores during the same period.

Find bacon #Foodspiration and more over on our bacon page!