It seems there is a national day for almost anything nowadays (did you know ‘National Toothache Day’ is a thing?), but a burger day is something we can really get behind!

This Thursday (22nd of August) is National Burger Day in the UK – a day dedicated to celebrating the mighty burger, or ‘patty’ for our friends across the Atlantic.

Globally loved

Traditionally, a burger consists of minced beef, but what was once a simple creation is today more of a blank, meaty canvas to experiment with different flavours, cuisines, toppings, meats, meat alternatives and even the bun it sits inside. Trends like charcoal or beetroot buns, bao buns, and ‘crolls’ are taking the colours and visuals to a whole new level.

Masterchef Champion Gary Maclean whipped up a fantastic Haggis Burger for us using Simon Howie haggis and beef mince if you’re looking for ideas!

Simon Howie range

We’ve got our fair share of different burgers for you to choose from too. Ours are made using a unique, noodle textured fill system to ensure a juicer, more flavoursome burger. As well as our much-loved Premium Steak Burgers, our limited-time BBQ range in supermarkets offers flavours such as Tennessee-Inspired Bourbon Burgers, Smoked Cheese & Onion Burgers to suit all tastebuds!

A wee added bonus that may not be so well known is that all our burgers are also gluten free, and we won the Meat Management Award Best Free From Product for our Steak Burger in 2017. Now even more people can enjoy their award-winning, great taste.

Be quick off the mark on the BBQ range though. These are currently still available in Scottish Tesco stores, but summer is coming to an end which means these will come off the shelves for another year at the end of September!

Other ways to enjoy

Local to our Perth & Auchterarder shops? Why not pop a few of our Pork & Apple Burgers in your next Click & Collect order?

Or if you happen to be in London, stop by Wahlburgers in Covent Garden and enjoy a delicious Scotch Beef PGI burger supplied by Simon Howie. Hollywood A-Lister Mark Wahlberg saw the premium quality of our products and invited us on board to take his Wahlburger this side of the Atlantic. How’s that for a seal of approval?!

However you choose to enjoy yours, raise a bottle of tomato sauce to the humble burger this National Burger Day!