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Shoppers sample world’s best-selling haggis at supermarket Burns Tours

Gluten Free Haggis Now Available! (SCOTLAND ONLY)

Shoppers can sample the world’s best-selling haggis on supermarket Burns Tours this month in the run up to Burns Night. With more than £3 million of total haggis sales for the year, the Simon Howie Original Haggis has been named the world’s best-selling haggis, outselling the two other best-selling brands combined.

And Simon Howie now has the UK’s best-selling original, veggie and family haggis in the UK.

Simon Howie said: “We’re delighted to be taking the world’s best-selling haggis, together with our full haggis range, on tour of Tesco and Morrison’s supermarkets throughout Scotland this month for shoppers to taste for themselves just why our own great chieftain o’ the pudding-race is the most popular choice for haggis-lovers at Burns Night.”

One in every three haggis bought from a supermarket last year was a Simon Howie haggis. At Burns Night, the Scottish family butcher sells more 454g vegetarian haggis than any other veggie haggis brand. And the Simon Howie 908g haggis is the UK’s best-selling family size haggis.

“Having grown our sales by over a third over the past year, we are now the UK’s fastest growing haggis brand, but rather than rest on our laurels, we have expanded our range further with the launch of the world’s first widely-available gluten free haggis,” said Howie.

“Stocked by the main supermarket chains, we’re confident that our new gluten free haggis will lead to a bumper Burns Night this year!”


The Burns Tour will visit Tesco and Morrison’s supermarkets throughout the length and breadth of Scotland over the course of the next two weeks.