We made the call, and you responded!  We asked for your poetry about our ode-so-good black pudding, and you sent us lyrical masterpieces! We’ve got to hand it to you. You didn’t disappoint. Your poems were too good not to share so we’re celebrating our ode-so-good black pud with some of your perfectly put-together verses!

Liz McPherson

We think our black pudding is a WINNER too, but we couldn’t have said it better than you!

Elza Fraser

Black pudding…Dauds and dauds of Black Pudding, oh how we love thee! Elza says it best!

Raonaid Uallas

OK…OK… You’re speaking our language!  Raonaid loves black pudding washed down with a nice cuppa tea (obviously)!

Fre Fairly 

I mean, we have to agree!  Black Pudding belongs in the belly.  I’m not even sure we’re up for sharing? Hands off!

Maureen Middlemiss 

Maureen, you’re absolutely right! No matter how you eat it, black pudding will make your breakfast extra special.  Who’s buying?  Who cares?  Black pudding all around!

Elizabeth Gaskell 

When it’s cooked, it’s ALWAYS EATEN in our house too, Elizabeth! And we’re pretty sure this poem can never be beaten!

Karen Walmsley

From beef olives to black pudding…Just like you, Karen, we don’t discriminate!  Get it on the plate!

William Wilson 

You ain’t wrong, William!  Our ode-so-good black pud is definitely hard to top!

Georgie Wood

We ain’t going to lie, Georgie…  You might be dead for this one.  Fan-TASH-tic effort!

Helen An Rowles

Is there a better accolade than the ‘best butcher around?’…We don’t think so!

Mack M.

To taste the BEST on God’s earth, how can we top that?

These examples show us just why we love our customers so much!  Keep us bluSHing and we’ll keep the black pudding coming!   If you have a poem, limerick or ode to ANY of our Wowie products, don’t forget to share them with us and we’ll make a big deal out of you!