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A Product Launch Like No Other!

In a world-first, in January 2021 we made history by sending the first ever haggis to the edge of space!

After weeks of planning and studying the skies with the brilliant team at Stratonauts, the perfect window of opportunity presented itself – and what a day it was!

Watch the full video above for some out-of-this-world footage from this historic voyage…

Watch This Space...

Our teaser videos put smiles on lots of faces in the lead up to the announcement of our big news!

Follow the links below to watch them for yourself.




A Record-Breaking Haggis!

Maximum Altitude: 107,293 ft ( That’s four times the height of Everest, or 3.5 times higher than a jumbo jet flies!)

Maximum Falling Speed: 195.27 mph

Land Distance Travelled: 85.13 km

Flight Time: 2h 37m

Minimum Temperature: -60°C

Maximum Wind Speed: 150.30 mph

Balloon Size At Altitude: 10m diameter

…and the first haggis to reach the edge of space!

You're making us

Best I have tasted for a long time. Well done.


Julia Gordon Nenova Find a Stockist

5 stars

Simon Howie Original Haggis was the only haggis stocked by the supermarket we use for our click and collect shopping during lock-down, so we ordered it for our Burns Night supper. Not to worry, it was superb, absolutely delicious!

Tony Garwood Find a stockist

5 stars

Gluten free haggis was exceptional. Great texture and taste. Very impressed.

Robert Find a stockist

5 stars

This was the tastiest haggis I have eaten. It was lovely. Not a scrap went to waste.

Dick McMahon Find a stockist

5 stars

Haggis Original – Definitely UK’s No 1 Haggis!!! Serves 2 – 3 – no way, far too good to share!! Delicious, easy to prepare and looked as good as it tasted! Thank you all.

Jill Bremner Find a stockist

5 stars

We have had various haggis over the years but NEVER like the one I bought from Asda at the weekend. It is the BEST haggis we have ever had without a doubt and I genuinely hope we can get hold of it next year. It was absolutely fantastic, thanks.

Nick Carter Find a stockist

5 stars

We’ve eaten many haggises ( haggi?) over the years and yours is by far the tastiest… really, really delicious! Please don’t change or try to improve your recipe as we’re already looking forward to next Burns’ Night!!

Donald McKenzie Find a stockist

5 stars

Your haggis is the one I always buy. It is delicious. Spicy and flavoursome. No others I have tried beat it. YUMBO indeed. Thank you.

Karen Griffin Find a stockist

5 stars

Simon Howie haggis that is gluten free is exceptional. First time I’ve found a small haggis that is easy to cut and use. Also tastes amazing. Please don’t let this one disappear!

Thomas Paterson Find a stockist

5 stars

Living down here in Yorkshire I’d never tried haggis, but for some strange reason I was looking for something different and decided to try your haggis .

And wow I love it!! Thanks for supplying our local Morrison supermarket with your delicious haggis.

James Harrison Find a stockist

5 stars

We bought a Simon Howie Original Haggis in Tesco. It was absolutely delicious, just a perfect mix of grains, meat and spices. Thank you. The best we’ve ever tasted.

I’ll be looking for it every time we shop.  Glad you do vegetarian versions too for others.

Jenny Connell Find a stockist

5 stars

Tried the Gluten Free Haggis on Burns Night – excellent.

Very impressed with all other breakfast products.

Karin Stengs Find a stockist

5 stars

A wonderful product and not too moist (as other products) I found it very tasty and exactly how I liked it after cooking it as per instructions. I bought a couple today to stick in the freezer for later meals.

Very well done, delivering a product well worth tasting!

Archie Houston Find a stockist

5 stars

The best haggis I have ever tasted. Absolutely delicious and my family all loved it too. So glad we can buy it down in Kent from the supermarket here.

Helen Hogan Find a stockist

5 stars

Just had two Simon Howie haggis. Amazingly good! Masses of flavour and good and peppery.

We are not Scottish but enjoy celebrating Burns’ night each January. Usually we get McSween’s but I was in Tesco and bought Simon Howie’s.  Shall try to find Howie’s in the future!

Jenny Matthews Find a stockist

5 stars

Great Original Haggis – beats any other I have tried. Well worth the effort of finding a Simon Howie supplier down here.

Nick Whittingham Find a stockist

5 stars

Just had my first Simon Howie haggis from Tesco! There is another in my freezer of the vegetarian variety. Not yet tried but thinking about it and no doubt I will get over the fear of the unknown shortly!

The original one is absolutely fantastic – I managed to eat three quarters of it myself last night and will be having the rest as a snack today! Beautifully lean content and I am sure it will go a long way to helping me with my New Year diet resolution!!

Beats McS’s any day!!!

Ann Simonsen Find a stockist

5 stars

Just had Simon Howie Gluten Free Haggis. My wife is gluten free, I’m not, but this was amazing.

Will be buying your products from now on – superb.

Hugh Brown Find a stockist

5 stars

Great Scottish haggis, all good meat and very tasty too.

John Find a stockist

5 stars

My daughter who is a coeliac practically lives on the GF Haggis & I now prefer it to any other manufacturer as well.

Carol Greer Find a stockist

5 stars

I have tried many different brands of haggis over the years and yours is definitely the best!

John Betteley

5 stars