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Sliced Black Pudding 200g

Butcher's style sliced black pudding

Straight from the butcher’s counter! 4 slices of traditional black pudding – perfect for a full cooked breakfast.

Grill: Preheat grill to moderate heat. Remove the black pudding from packaging and place onto a suitable tray then cook under the grill. (Do not place directly under the heat source, allow approx. 10cm space). Grill for approximately 6 – 8 minutes, turning occasionally.

Pan fry: Heat a little cooking oil in a frying pan, to medium heat. Remove the black pudding from the packaging and fry for approximately 6 – 8 minutes, turning several times. Lower the heat if required during cooking.

Microwave: Remove product from the tray and place on a microwave plate. Cover with cling film. Pierce film and place in the microwave for 2 minutes on 800W. Remove from microwave and carefully peel off the film, as hot steam will be generated. For best results leave to stand for 1 minute before serving.

Always ensure that the centre of the black pudding is piping hot before serving.

As appliances may vary, these are guidelines only.

Water, Beef Fat (26%), Oatmeal, Wheat Flour (Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamine), Dried Blood (4.6%), Oat Flakes, Dried Onion, Salt, Spices (Cinnamon, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Pimento), Stabiliser (Sodium Diphosphate).

For allergens, see ingredients highlighted in Bold.

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Oh my golly gosh!  It’s the best black pudding I’ve ever tasted and I’m from Lancashire. Thank you for creating a wonderful sausage.  The meaty, mouthfeel is amazing and it’s so sweet with your caramelised apple.  I’ll be stocking up my fridge next time I shop.

Neil L

I was given one of your Wee Black Puddings by a friend. It was absolutely delicious. Probably the best black pudding I’ve ever had. Great stuff.

Janet Ord Find a Stockist

5 stars

Best I have tasted for a long time. Well done.


Julia Gordon Nenova Find a Stockist

5 stars

Morning – I have just tried your Wee Black Pudding for the first time. 10/10. It held its moisture and soft texture and gentle spices melt in the mouth.

Esmor Jones Find a Stockist

5 stars

Today I saw and purchased a Wee Black Pudding. This is the tastiest pudding that I have tasted for years -the flavour and consistency is superb. I am looking forward to trying more of your products. Thanks for really tasty foods!

Alan Marshall Find a Stockist

5 stars

We have tried your Wee Black Pudding – WOW. We are a family of 6. 50/50 on black pudding but yours was like a trip back to Scotland, we can’t wait to go back this year.

My children absolutely love it! I will say hand on heart it’s THE best black pudding we’ve ever tried! Love white pudding and fruit pudding but never found a black pudding that was quite as nice. Big thumbs up from the Ibrahim family.

Lindsey Ibrahim Find a Stockist

5 stars

First time buying this product and it’s fantastic! So tasty. Love it, will definitely recommend it.

Anne Gardner Find a stockist

5 stars

Well I have lots of different black puds, but now I won’t buy any other. Yours is the best black pud I’ve ever had – the taste is just out of this world and goes so well with fried toms, eggs & makes a weekend breakfast the best.

Diane Pickering Find a stockist

5 stars

I had your wee black pudding recently and I must say this is the nicest one I have ever eaten. Very nice, smooth and lovely flavour.

Lenny Bryan Find a stockist

5 stars

Had your black pudding this morning and as per usual it was delicious.

Best black pudding on the market bar none. Well done!

David Givan Find a stockist

5 stars

By far the best black pudding on the market! Once tried will never go back to bland high street pudding again. I thought Bury was the home of black pudding – how wrong can one be! Not sure what’s in it, but whatever it is it puts the pudding head and shoulders above anything else.

Steve Cole Find a stockist

5 stars

Truly magnificent. Thought another brand was the best until we tried yours. – Sliced Black Pudding

Brian Cowan