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Rump Steak

date night!

Prime rump steak, also known as 'popeseye'. A steak that is full of flavour.

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A tender steak, which cooks quickly, particularly if pan-fried, as it is relatively thinly cut. Can be braised, grilled, fondued or pan-fried, used in a casserole or pie filling.

Key points to think about are seasoning, what pan to use and resting time.

Season the meat really well before cooking.

Use a heavy-based pan or griddle, preferably something cast iron which retains heat very well. Use a tiny splash of vegetable oil and get both pan and oil really hot before adding the meat. The oil should almost be at smoking point in order to get a delicious brown crust to contrast with the juicy pink interior.

This steak is cooked when brown on both sides.

Resting is the final, crucial step for perfection. Give it 5 minutes.

Once the steak is rested, serve.

Ensure the product is cooked thoroughly before serving. As all appliances may vary, these are guidelines only.