Let’s face it, there are few ways better to start the day than with a full Scottish breakfast. But the pile of dirty pans and washing up that goes hand in hand with whipping up the ultimate brekkie feast means most of us save it for the weekend. But imagine a world where cooking your breakfast is no longer a tangled web of pans, timers, and stove juggling. Enter the mighty air fryer – your trusty sidekick in any fast-paced morning routine.

Is breakfast in an air fryer really as good?

Yes, it absolutely is, but we get it if you are sceptical of the ever trendy air fryer; we were too. But after giving in and finally buying one, it’s proven its worth and now gets used just as much as the oven! Gone are the days of anxiously watching over different pans to ensure nothing gets overcooked or burned yay!

The air fryer is a breakfast genie, waving its hot air magic wand to cook your morning feast to perfection all at once! How is that possible? Let us walk you through how to create the ultimate breakfast feast – air fryer style!

(All timings are approximate and will be dependant on the model of air fryer you use and temperature settings)

1. Start your breakfast bonanza by lining up those sausages, Link or Lorne – in the air fryer basket (cook time around 9 minutes). Your bangers will sizzle and dance to their meaty melody as they turn golden and crispy, all while you enjoy your morning brew.

2.   Add the stars of the show – black pudding and haggis! Slice it into portions and let them mingle with the sausages in the fryer (cook time approx. 7 minutes). 

3.   Pop in a couple of rashers of bacon streaky or back – your choice! (7-9 minutes)

4.   Add your tattie scones and eggs for the Eggstravaganza: While the sausages, bacon and haggis work their magic, pop in your tattie scones. Oh, and let’s not forget the eggs, crack them into some air fryer-safe cups, slide them in next to the rest of the breakfast gang. (Cook time about 5 minutes, depending on personal preference.)

Enjoy the Bacon-y Brilliance

Wowie! There you have it!  You’ll even have time to enjoy a bit of morning serenity along with your crispy sausages, delightful haggis, tattie scones with a golden edge, and eggs, all cooked to perfection. It’s a morning feast that’s as convenient as it is delicious.

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