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Highland fling your way up the mountain, collecting haggis as you go!

It’s our favourite time of the year – Haggis Season! And we need your help!

Navigate the perilous Scottish countryside and gather up all the haggis you can find! Watch out for killer pheasants, river rapids and falling boulders that will all try to stop you in your pursuits! Knock in to trees three times to turn them in to cabers – perfect for tossing up the hill and using to cross the deadly highland springs.

Remember time is against us, Burns Night is fast approaching, if you don’t move fast enough you will fall off the bottom of the mountain and your haggis hunt will be over!

How much haggis can you collect? Practice makes perfect! Share your score with your pals and see who wins the title of Haggis Hunter 2019.

We’d love to see your scores – share on social with #HaggisHunt



Tap/ swipe screen (android mobile) or use the keyboard controls WASD

W – forward

A – left

D – right

S – back

Chop down trees by knocking in to them THREE times. Caber tosses automatically. Run in to a caber to toss again until you are near enough a stream for the caber to land in the stream, making a bridge.

Collect haggis for points. Good luck!



The Haggis Hunt game is only compatible with Chrome & Firefox (and is subject to installed version of each)

The game is also available as a downloadable app from the Play Store for android phones

There is currently no version for ios i’m afraid.